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Thursday, May 24, 2018

 One of the first thing one should do when traveling is to look for a place to stay at. During my time at Fukuoka, I actually moved 3x. Yes, I went to 3 different places. One was an airbnb, another a capusle hotel, and the last was a decent 3 star hotel.
 I didn't really know what to expect but I went ahead and booked FIRST CABIN. It's a chain of capsule hotels that treat their "bunks" like you're in an airplane.
 I chose this place because it was quite near the different restaurants I wanted to visit. The fact that the building it's in is located quite near the train station and has a 24 hour DON QUIJOTE made it a no brainer.
 Even if it's not really my first time trying a Hostel like environment, it was my definite first in a capsule hotel. FIRST CABIN is located on the 8th floor and there are pretty much signs outside to note if they have vacancies or not. It's better to prebook online rather than heading over there with no plan as they usually get full.
 This is pretty ideal for solo travelers. The female section is different from the male one. So if you're looking for a place to spend with a friend of a different sex, I suggest you look for a hotel room instead. 
Since this is Japan, you're pretty much assured of the safety and also of the cleanliness of the place. 
They have a couple of room designations.One is the economy or the small version. This is perfect if you weren't able to catch that last train and needed a place to stay just for the night. They'll prepare towels and pajamas for you as well.
On the other hand, I went for the bigger room. Somewhat of a business class, this one has space for your luggage to put in. Plus, you have a table, and a bigger television.
Since this is all communal, you'll have access to their washroom as well. Everything was quite clean and well up to Japanese standards.
Of course, you'll have the whole toilet experience with their electronic throne.
Now in terms of showering, it may be a little embarrassing at first but you'll learn to just go with the flow. Usually, you'll sit at a small chair and soap and take a bath while seating down. Afterwards, you could go into the "pool" / onsen to relax. Yes, you will be butt naked. Remember to put the small towel only on your head and not in the water. If this is a bit weird for you, they have a couple of stalls for showering but it's not really covered. So just to give you a picture, once you enter the wash area, there would be places to put your stuff in. In the door, there's the sit down baths on the left. On the right would be the standing shower stalls. At the back of the room would be a pool for you to relax after a long day.
 It was quite an experience to go and have a communal bath. It's not really for me I guess but at least I tried it out. If you really want a bit of privacy go at an odd hour. Just outside the wash/shower area, there's also a single stall toilet on your left.
FIRST CABIN was quite an experience. I hope you'll be able to give them a go.

8th floor
Japan, 〒810-0801 Fukuoka Prefecture, 
Fukuoka, Hakata Ward, Nakasu, 3 Chome−7−24 gate's
+81 92-260-1852

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