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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

 Who knew I would be back within a week? I found myself in Malaysia again but this time it was more for pleasure. I was there with my brother for an exciting and memorable vacation. Remember when I won the POKER TOURNAMENT in RESORTS WORLD MANILA? (check that out here) , one of the prizes was an all expense paid vacation to Malaysia. Not just anywhere in Malaysia but in RESORTS WORLD GETING.
Granted that most first time visitors to Malaysia would stay downtown to check out the Petronas Towers and even grab a bite in IKEA, RESORTS WORLD GENTING is a different place that sets you apart from everything else.
There are many ways to get to RESORTS WORLD GENTING, the most scenic and exciting way though would be through the use of their gondolas. If you have the guts, go for a glass floor version so that you could see what's below.
 RESORTS WORLD GENTING is an integrated resort that has everything one would want.
 The complex is huge. With different hotels, shopping areas, events places, and even a stunning casino.
 Since the place is on a mountain, you get the chance to dine on the clouds. The restaurants are vast and aplenty. You could go for something romantic or even as casual as you can get.
 One restaurant specializes in those special experiences that you may want to have with your loved one.
 Or you may want to try out some local delicacies in their "food court-like" area that serves different well known Malaysian and Asian dishes.
 Even if RESORTS WORLD GENTING is on top of a mountain, they have the freshest seafood to offer. Some oysters are amazing as appetizers.
 And yes, you could also go for some lobsters. They have a BURGER AND LOBSTER (check the place out here.) that always has a queue. Honestly, I'd gladly wait for a table in this restaurant.
And meat is also a big deal. You could never go wrong with it.
 As mentioned, ENTERTAINMENT is a big chunk of what RESORTS WORLD GENTING is all about. Aside from the gigantic casino, they have regular theatre shows.
 I was thankful that I was able to watch one with my brother and even get a picture taken with the cast.
RESORTS WORLD GENTING is the place to be at when in MALAYSIA. The weather is perfect. It's cool and the food divine.
Miss you guys! Thank you for showing us around! We enjoy your company!
Thank you very much RESORTS WORLD MANILA and RESORTS WORLD GENTING for having us.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience and views. Transportation, accommodation, and dining was taken cared of by our friend from Resorts World Manila and Resorts World Genting.
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