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Monday, October 15, 2018

 After working hard and having a couple of sleepless nights, I figured a drive is in order. Granted that I haven't had any sleep yet, driving for almost 3 hours back and forth is a bad idea.
But, getting a view like this is the way to go. On the way down to Phoenix from Flagstaff, there's a rest area that gives you a glimpse into nature's beauty. You might want to visit SUNSET POINT when you're on the 17.
 Back to business, visiting IKEA is like going to the Phoenix Airport and a bit more. Just after it, you'll enter Tempe and that is where IKEA is located. Ever since I had my first taste of Ikea in Singapore (Link: IKEA I LOVE YOU.) more than 5 years ago, I have been craving their meatballs every time I get the chance. This was no exception.
 In true Ikea fashion, all of their stores are covered with yellow and blue. Each designed to be alike to one another. The restaurant is located on the second floor and it's the start of everything.
 Remember to get 3 trays and a trolley, just so that you could get everything and anything your heart's desire.
 Prices are also quite reasonable. That's why it's amazing and perfect to visit IKEA's restaurant.
 Now, different Ikea stores have different approaches to their menu but they are quite similar. Affordable and delicious. Just like this smoked salmon with vinaigrette. It hits the spot in every way.
 Unfortunately, not everything in the menu is great. The Chicken tender was just okay. Compared to the chicken dishes that I would always go for when in Malaysia and Singapore, the chicken here is coated and deep fried in true American fashion. The fries though were pretty good.
 And of course the main reason of my long drive. THIS MEATBALL DISH!!!!! It's moist and comforting. The sauce and the gravy are perfect with one another. It may not be for everyone but heck, it is so good. For vegetarians, they have those version as well.
 Dessert was spot on. We tried out the chocolate cake and the DEIM. A swedish almond cake, this one is covered with caramel and chocolate. So darn good.
Of course after eating, you could go for a walk around the place to make your visit worthwhile. You get to relax and burn the extra calories you've gained because of this meal.


2110 W Ikea Way, Tempe, AZ 85284

Disclaimer:Paid for our meals. Wrote this based on my experience.
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