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Monday, October 22, 2018

When I think about American food, BBQ is one of the first things that come into mind. Granted that their version is quite different from the Filipino kind, it is still very delicious and goes well with rice. (Un)fortunately for me, BIGFOOT BBQ, didn't have any rice on their menu. If that would have been the case, I would have ordered more than 1 serving.
BIGFOOT BBQ is a well known establishment in downtown Flagstaff. It's sort of an open secret between locals and visitors. It may take awhile for you to find it but it sure is worth a visit. Located on the basement of an arcade, you won't really know that there is a restaurant there.
Once you go down the stairs, make a uturn, and then you see this crafty place where you could get your belly full. Now, BBQ in America is different because of the way they cook it and also of the flavor. At BIGFOOT, they use hickory wood for their smokers. It gives a deep and smoky flavor to the meat that it cooks.
Ordering is quite simple. Head on over to the counter and take your pick. There are platters for groups and yes solo meals as well.
While waiting for your order, you could get some complimentary peanuts on the side.
You also get to pick which sauce you might want. There's the original, which is also served with your dish. Then there is the spicy version and something else. Best go and mix and match.
From what I understand, the menu boils down to 5 things. Sandwiches, Links, Ribs, Brisket/Pulled Pork and other meats, and sides. Now I maybe wrong, but BIGFOOT created different partnership between these items to make you a damn good meal. Plus, they also have happy hour with cocktails and even sides.
Personally, I would suggest that you order some alcohol with your meal. This one could pick up your mood and enhance the flavor of the dishes.
Now, most of their delicious creations are partnered  with a side. You take your pick from a list but the sweet potato fries are pretty good. The mac and cheese was just okay and the sweet potato mash has some cinnamon in it.
Moving on, there is this link (or sausage) that is smothered with burnt ends and tons of toppings. I forgot what it is called but heck, it was one amazing dog. (It's called the smokin bulldawg. A sausage topped with burnt ends, cheese, onions, and bbq sauce.)
Just looking at it up close makes my mouth water. I'm definitely drooling right now as I remember the juicy and tangy flavor of each bite.
If your're not a fan of links, they also have briskets and ribs as I had mentioned.
Remember though, also go for the BURNT END. This is the part of the meat that is a bit crunchy and juicy because as the name suggest, it's that good.
BIGFOOT BBQ is located in the Old Town Shops, 120 N Leroux St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Just head on over and go down the stairs.

Parking might be a problem as it's all on the streets and you have to pay for it. BIGFOOT is one of those establishments that gives you "an hour free parking" when you visit them. (Just ask and you get a d/c on your bill-haven't tried it yet). Cheers.

Disclaimer: paid for our meals. wrote this based on my experience and opinions.
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