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Monday, December 3, 2018

It's quite funny because my friends are always surprised to see me in snow. Generally, most would think that if you're in Arizona, you won't experience snow. Well, that's almost true except that in FLAGSTAFF, it snows. Not hard like MONTANA, but quite a bit especially during winter. Since Flagstaff is 7,000 ft up from sea level, you could experience a variety of weather here. SNOW is one of them. It's quite near a number of mountains as well. You could definitely experience some ice sports here and there. One of them would be SNOWBOARDING.
In ARIZONA SNOWBOWL, visitors could enjoy a number of things. Some prefer the view, while others prefer the more extreme like skiing and snowboarding. Here, they got all the things that you would need. Plus, they really take care of the grounds to give you the best experience that you can get. Since I've been able to surf and wakeboard, I went ahead and had a day of snowboarding.
Getting up there is quite a trip. You need to have 4wd or snow chains to go up. It's either that or an accident waiting to happen. On the way up, we saw 3 accidents already. If you don't have one, you could park at the bottom just before going up the rode. There are shuttle services that could bring you up and down but it's best to check in with them first. If it's your first time, it's better to park near the HART PRAIRIE LODGE. It's were you could rent equipment, buy accessories, get tickets, locker services, and get some chow. It has a restaurant on the second floor and there is also a water fountain as well.
1) EQUIPMENT. Before going to a winter sport resort like ARIZONA SNOWBOWL, you have to be prepared. Equipment and clothing is quite important. IF you're getting a beginner's package that has free lessons, you would still need to rent a board with bindings and shoes. I would really suggest getting a helmet as well. Of course, you need to be properly dressed. Do not wear jeans. Rather, get yourself a snowpants, a ski sock, thermal underneath, and a jacket for the snow plus gloves. You could layer them out as well. Don't forget to get ski goggles and a ski mask or gaitor to cover you up. To give you an example, I wore ski goggles, jacket, hoodie, t-shirt, snow pants, thermal pants, underwear and ski socks and shoes. I rented the helmet, boots, bindings with the snowboard and a locker to put my stuff in. (in hindsight, I could bring a small backpack to place my shoes and stuff in rather than spending $5).
2) EAT BREAKFAST. I realized that it's going to be a long day so getting some in you would really be helpful. If not, they have a couple of restaurants that is open to the public that could fill you up. Surprisingly, the food is pretty good and some aren't as expensive as you would think. The drinks though are overpriced.
And yes, they do sell liquor and beer. Perfect liquid courage for you.
3)STRETCH! Assuming that you did get that free lesson package, you will need to meet up with your instructor outside. To the left of Hart Prairie Lodge, you would see signs that would indicate where you have to go. You have to be there by 0945 for the lessons as they start exactly at 1000. This means that you need to arrive before 9am to register, get your equipment, and STRETCH! One thing I forgot to do was to properly stretch myself before going out. The next day I felt my whole body angry with me as I wasn't able to do it.
4) GET A LESSON! Now, since it is your first time, get a lesson. They tell you and show you the basics. Granted I knew how to wakeboard but there are still somethings that are different. Almost the same concepts but how to glide, move, toe side, heel side, and how to put on your board is quite important. For me, I guess a two hour lesson isn't so bad. It gave me all the basics and I was even able to go up one of the longer trails that is perfect for semi-beginners.
I think I was lucky as the trainer that was partnered to me ended up giving me a one-on-one lesson. I believe they separate each through experience and age. 
Once you master the basics, they'll have you go on a mini slope known as the LITTLE SPRUCE. There, you get to experience a conveyor belt. The angle isn't as steep as you would think but it does let you practice the basic motions. Then if the instructor sees you progressing, you get to move up to the BIG SPRUCE. After a couple of hours, it got me pooped. Thankfully, lunch was pretty good. Remember to keep yourself hydrated as going up a mountain can make you feel thirsty.
5) ENJOY! Last thing I would say is that you have to HAVE FUN! One of the semi-beginner places to go to would be the HART PRAIRIE trail. You would need to ride one of these ski lifts that would literally make you want to hold onto the back side. WHY? Because it doesn't have any metal bars or belts to keep you on. You see, for you to get off you would need to slide down instantly just because it doesn't stop. BUT, look at that view.
Thanks Sam for bringing me to Snowbowl! I really enjoyed my first snowboarding experience.

9300 N Snow Bowl Rd, Flagstaff, 
AZ 86001

Disclaimer:Wrote this based on my experience. Paid for my ticket and meal.
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