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Monday, November 26, 2018

When a couple of friends asked what to expect in WHISKY LIVE MANILA 2018, all I could tell them was to enjoy and don't bring a car! If the 2017 edition was any indication, this one and the next would be amazing. There would be a lot of alcoholic drinks and driving to and from might not be the most ideal way to go. Remember, DRINKING AND DRIVING IS BAD FOR YOU! Even so,
 WHISKY LIVE MANILA 2017 (check it out here.)  was just amazing incredible and so was the 2018 edition. From the sights, sounds, and flavor, you will definitely get your money's worth this time and the next time around.
 In case you still haven't figured it out, a huge ballroom in the SHANGRI-LA THE FORT was transformed into the place to be. It was filled with different stalls and kiosks that give you a taste of magical liquid known as liquor. Even if this event is called WHISKY LIVE MANILA, they also tend to mix it up by serving other types of alcohol.
 Here, rare casks and even exclusive items are displayed and they let you try them. Including this white walker version of Johnnie which I should have bought.
 Some are done in a different way. They're mixed with ingredients that you don't normally see.
 Of course, you need to checkout the different bitters or "ingredients" that would elevate the flavors of your drinks.
 Each booth has a different story to tell. Flavors bursting and too much drinking could get you light headed, as such, always remember to eat something oily beforehand. Not too many but just right.
 You could also never go wrong with the GLENLIVET.
 Rare to fine blends are also there for the taking. Remember to bring your credit card or even cash just so that you get ready to get one of these babies.
 Always remember to talk to the people that man these booths. They give you insights and tips on how to go about drinking the liquor.
 Personal preference would be KAVALAN'S SOLIST though. This baby made me a believer. Next time you're in Taiwan, do visit their refinery!
 One of the best things that WHISKY LIVE MANILA is known for would be the MASTER CLASS. These seminars put you in the room with great leaders in the Whisky industry. These ambassadors would teach you more about the different brands that they champion. Plus, they show you tips and tricks on how to go about drinking them to maximize the flavors.
Try and go for the schedule of your favorite brand. You'll get to know something new and even try something different.
AS for one of them, they let you mix and match ingredients to see how you could get that aroma and flavor. More so, they give away something to every participant.
It was nice of them to give a recovery kit to attendees this year but the best way to take care of your hangover is to drink lots of water and take those vitamins in.


Shangri-La The Fort Manila
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City, Metro Manila.

Disclaimer: Invited to this event. Wrote this based on my opinions.
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