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Monday, May 6, 2019

Options. These are the things that makes us wonder "what's next?". With buffet places left and right, diners would ask themselves this question every single time they eat. At Diamond Hotel Manila, they try to give guests all the food possibilities that they could handle.
Corniche has been DIAMOND HOTEL'S go to buffet restaurant. It's here that they serve everything but the kitchen sink. On Friday Dinner time, they started doing the SEAFOOD COOKED A LA MINUTE. The spread has some added seafood that you get to pick and cooked based on your preference.
You could have your fill of squid, shrimp, huge shrimp, and even lobsters.
You don't even have to worry about everything because they cook everything for you then they deliver the dish to your table. You could have these babies baked, grilled, cooked with butter and garlic and more. Personally, I enjoy the rock lobster baked with tons of cheese.
These in addition to a plethora of appetizers, Chinese dishes, Filipino cuisine, and even a whole Japanese station that could be a restaurant in itself with all their spot on offerings.
Furthermore, this is in addition to their already loaded meat section. You could ask for steaks and other marinated meat to be cooked right there and then as well.
To be honest it was a lot to take in but that's what a buffet of this caliber is. Giving you everything that you may need and want right there and then.
Oh and don't forget about the carving station as well.
Dessert was also a blast. They have a bunch of sweet delicacies to choose from. There are cakes, in house gelatos, and a chocolate fountain to indulge in.
Thank you very much Corniche for having us. They have Seafood Fridays every Friday Dinner time.


Roxas Boulevard, Corner Dr. J. Quintos Street, Manila, 
1000 Metro Manila
(02) 528 3000

And yes there are tons of MEAT as well.

Disclaimer:Wrote this based on my experience and opinion. I was invited to experience this meal.
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