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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

 Just this Saturday, another event unfolded for the Filipino Foodies. The ULTIMATE TASTE TEST year 10 happened. In the SM AURA's SMX convention hall, different booths showcased their products in order to promote their brand. With over 40 stalls, you should have been present to see how delicious the experience was.
 Aside from the UTT 2019, the Choice Awards was presented. Here, different winners from the Food industry were chosen. The Filipino community voted the best in their respective category.
 This year, MARGARITA FORES was awarded best chef. She too was joined by other industry leaders in accepting their awards.
 While this was ongoing, visitors got a chance to try different products and become a critic for a day. I wasn't feeling that well so I only tried a few that caught my fancy. One of them would be this KAIEN BUFFALO. Their sauce just hits you. It has the right amount of kick but it leaves you with nothing more than an itch that needs to be taken care off (by getting more sauce). This is really good.
 Another must try would be CHIP's DARK NIGHT. Headed by Trixie and Chef Ed, the cookies speak for themselves. The Dark Night had the perfect texture and flavor to make me want to munch on them on and on with milk of course.
 Another savory dish that caught my fancy would be JONI and SUSAN AGROSHOP. They were able to make a traditional dish vegan. The Mushroom dinakdakan was the bomb. I was actually looking for a cup of rice when I tried it. The dish reminds me of chicharon but without the guilt. They really made this pretty good.
 Aside from the different food stalls, this time around there was a beverage lineup known as AGOS. The back part of the SMX was filled with different beverage purveyors. Some were offering coffee, liquor, and others like AURO. They created the iced tablea horchata. A gluten free drink that made use of chocolate. Impressive enough, they added adlai and cashew milk in the mix to make it more healthy. If you're not into that, there were locally made juices and even craft beers.

I believe that the event was a success. Ultimate Taste Test 2019 #UTT2019 was the best of the best. It was well curated and  guests had a lot of fun. There were even games done for both the kids and kids at heart. Too bad, we weren't able to join the beer pong at the back. I think I'm getting too old for this.

Disclaimer:wrote this based on my experience. was invited to this event.
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