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Thanks so much for viewing my blog. Please feel free to comment on. Rest assured that the posts here are of my own opinion and is based on my experience. I love to read your comments too. If you have any concerns or would wish to contact me please do e-mail me at . Good day and have a fun time reading on. See you when I do!


  1. After buying a new battery from motolite, it went dead after 2 weeks. it's already 2 days and no replacement battery is available. My car is left in a pay parking area for 2 days now.

    1. Hi Renee, sorry to hear that. If I were you, contact their hotline to have it changed. From what i know that should still be under warranty. I'm not connected with them in anyway... But that is what Ill do if your situation happened to me. Good luck!

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  3. I was surprised there is no system in receiving diners. I was so disgusted for such experience...

    1. Hi cutepen, whoch restaurant are you talking about? I think you placed a comment on the wrong side of the website tho ^^