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Thursday, January 25, 2018

With a steady hand at the wheel, BENCH CAFE seems to be a great place to have your Filipino food while doing a bit of sightseeing  in Bonifacio Global City. It's the go to shopping area to bring your balikbayan friends and family just so that they get to get something uniquely Filipino while eating and trying out native dishes that were elevated through different cooking techniques.
With the Bench Flagship Store opening up in Bonifacio High Street just a few weeks ago, they are set to unveil the first ever BENCH CAFE in the world today. Since Bench is known as a clothing and lifestyle brand, they figured that the flagship branch should have something more than just clothes, salon, and other household accessories.
Located on the second floor of the Bench Store in BGC, the BENCH CAFE exudes a relaxed yet bright atmosphere. Snacks are served as well as main dishes and of course drinks.
Since Bench is a home grown concept, Filipino food is a must for their first ever cafe. What would be more Filipino than street food? They have a sort of platter that has squid balls, fish balls, and kikiam partnered with different sauces. Aside from this, they also have paninis or sandwiches that are pretty good. Since their meats and other ingredients are made entirely just for them, guests would enjoy the interesting flavors that they bring out. Surprisingly, their CORNED BEEF panina was a hit. It's simple but delicious and straightforward.
Although the menu has some tasty salads, it's quite better to head on over to something more "sinful". The SISIG WRAP is one of those dishes that must be ordered.
Sisig is somewhat deconstructed and served with lettuce. It's basically a make your own wrap that goes well with your keto diet. The mayoish sauce actually is mixed with a special ingredient that makes everything jive together.
A play on the word Bento, the BENCH/TO are different combinations or set meals that would be perfect for someone that likes to mix and match their viands.
For chicken lovers, they have a number of chicken meals. One could go for the inasal, or the salted egg fried chicken, honey patis chicken, and the adobo. These are then partnered with other side dishes. Notably, the gising gising is really hot and spicy  so be careful. Also, the HIPON SA TALANGKA or shrimp with crab fat is deadly but extremely good. You could also mix and match and upgrade the type of rice that you may want to partner with the dishes you ordered.
The CRISPY TADYANG has a little salty mix to it. It's best paired with garlic rice and their home made pinakbet.
For those that enjoy Kare-Kare, their version used these crispy liempo. Pretty good and perfect with rice.
Another main that you could go for would be the US Angus Short Ribs Bistek. With inihaw na pusit on the side, these is a potent combination.
What really impressed me would be their version of the KALDERETA. Apprently, they cook this for a long time. Making the meat tremendously tender, each bite is a joy to take. If you don't like the normal plain rice, you could upgrade it to dilis, bagoong, and even talangka.
Personally I believe that a visit to a Filipino restaurant will not be complete if they do not have a silog. They have everything that you may ask for. From tocino, to longganisa, to sisig, and even beef tapa, you won't go wrong with any. If you're someone that likes everything and anything, the BONGALMUSAL would work for you. It's basically a breakfast platter.
The drinks are quite a number as well. They were all hand crafted and created to display the different flavors of the Filipino. Furthermore, the desserts were created to make things familiar but still unique. One of them would be the FLAN B. It's leche flan or baked caramelized custard that's topped with some macapuno.
With more than just shopping, this new BENCH CAFE is a must visit place for foodies and guests that want something unique and new. Drinks are well made with the Filipino palette in mind. The majority of the items on the menu are all about Filipino Cuisine as well. So, yes, I will be back because they do offer a lot that's great for families and friends alike.

2nd Floor Bench Flagship Store
9th Avenue corner Lane O.
(Infront of The Spa and near Krispy Kreme)
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig, Metro Manila

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