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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Kenny Rogers just went above and beyond by introducing some healthy options. They partnered with BEYOND MEAT to provide some plant based dishes for you picky eaters.

This time, they offer a burger and a mashed potato that's made with or partnered with BEYOND MEAT. The burger itself is a genius piece of meat. If no one told you that it was plant based, you won't really know. They could have made the bread better but it's all good. The ingredients were pretty fresh. So, that's a plus.

I could definitely say that the burger could pass for the "real thing". If that's not something you're into, you might want to try the mashed potato version. Their packaging of it was kind of genius! The dishes are priced at 295Php each. A little pricey but it's definitely healthy.
You could head on over to your nearest KENNY ROGERS or give them a call at 8-555-9000. is also available if you're an online person.

Disclaimer:wrote this based on my experience. the items were delivered c/o of Kenny Rogers.
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Monday, June 28, 2021


Wine sounds good right about now. With the things that are happening around us, sometimes a little bit of wine could and would take the edge off. Thankfully, WINERY PH got us covered. They're actually launching their MIDYEAR CLEARANCE SALE so it's a perfect time to go wine shopping.

This is not your ordinary sale where you would see normal liquor. Rather, WINERY PH is offering great wines with character and flavor that would definitely hit the spot. Not only that but it's up to 57% off.

They're offering 11 Red Wines, 6 White Wines, One Rose, and a Sparkling Rose from 34% off up to  57%. 's sale will run for four days from June 30, 2021 to July 3, 2021. The more you buy the more you save. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak on their list of wines. I was able to try a couple that are great pairings to delicious food. I don't usually stick with the norm where reds are to meat and whites are to seafood. Rather, I personally just go with the flow. If it tastes great, then go for it right? 

The Torre Solar Tempranillo Syrah is described as succulent and juicy. It came from Spain and has around 13% alcohol content. Honestly, I'm not a wine expert but I do enjoy a good one with good food. 

Here's a list of the sale that's coming up:

1. Raig de Raim White 2019 Sixer – ₱2,990 (56% OFF; ₱498 per bottle)
2. Raig de Raim Red 2017 Sixer - ₱2,990 (56% OFF; ₱498 per bottle)
3. Nuestra Senora Portal Blanc 2019 Sixer - ₱2,990 (56% OFF; ₱498 per bottle)
4. Nuestra Senora Portal 2016 Sixer - ₱3,990 (57% OFF; ₱665 per bottle)
5. Sa Natura Organic Red 2017 Sixer – ₱3,790 (57% OFF; ₱632 per bottle)
6. Guadalupe White 2017 Sixer – ₱2,390 (45% OFF; ₱398 per bottle)
7. Cline Rose of Mourvedre 2016 Sixer - P 4,790 (38% OFF; P 798 per bottle)
8. Haribon Red Dozen - ₱3,190 (46% OFF; ₱266 per bottle)
9. Ramon Bilbao Crianza Rioja Tempranillo 2016 Sixer - ₱3,190 (37% OFF; ₱532 per
10. Ramon Bilbao Gran Reserva Rioja Tempranillo 2011 Sixer - ₱7,850 (37% OFF; ₱1,308
per bottle)
11. Chrismont La Zona Pinot Grigio 2018 Sixer - ₱3,590 (45% OFF; ₱598 per bottle)
12. Torre Solar Tempranillo Syrah 2018 Dozen - ₱3,790 (51% OFF; ₱316 per bottle)
13. M. Chapoutier Crozes Hermitage Petite Ruche 2015 Sixer – ₱5,290 (43% OFF; ₱882 per
14. Livio Felluga Sharis Blanc 2016 Sixer – ₱6,790 (43% OFF; ₱1,132 per bottle)
15. Piccini Memoro Rosso Sixer - ₱3,690 (41% OFF; ₱615 per bottle)
16. Richebaron Selection Rouge Dozen - ₱3,490 (41% OFF; ₱291 per bottle)
17. Richebaron Selection Blanc Dozen - ₱3,490 (41% OFF; ₱291 per bottle)
18. Peter Lehmann Art & Soul Shiraz Grenache 2014 Sixer - ₱2,350 (34% OFF; ₱392 per
19. Valdivieso Sparkling Brut Rose NV Sixer - ₱3,190 (46% OFF; ₱532 per bottle

Head on over to to checkout this MIDYEAR CLEARANCE SALE. is your one stop wine place. They also offer more than just wine. Aside from such, they 

got beer, other liquor, and even extra items that you might want and need.

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my opinions. the wines I tried are c/o of

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Sunday, June 20, 2021

One of my favorite places to visit would be Taiwan. I've been to the place probably more than 5 times already and it never gets old. One of the most popular restaurant from Taipei would be Din Tai Fung. What started in the Da'an District, this restaurant has been a global force with a number of franchises all over the world.
Since this is Las Vegas, they try to showcase everything here. More so they brought this restaurant over to the ARIA Hotel. They opened to the public in 2020 and never looked back. Once you enter, you are greeted by the dumpling making kitchen. You could see and take photos of chefs making the soupy dumplings or xiao long bao.
Since this is Las Vegas, the place is hyped up. With decors and high ceiling, they make sure that everything is worth your visit. As with any famous restaurant, a reservation is a must. Because of covid, it would be best to make one a week or so before especially for weekends.

Just like any other DIN TAI FUNG restaurants, they give you a piece of paper where you check and write down your orders. Granted that it seems quite incredible to charge for extra ginger, I just went with the flow.

Since this wasn't my first time eating in a DIN TAI FUNG, I figured I let my friends do the ordering. They went with the go to choices of course. From the original xiao long bao, to the crab roe flavored version, and even some other dishes.

In all honesty, visiting DIN TAI FUNG would be perfect for an early snack before dinner but never for a full meal. The prices seems to be a little on the high side compared to other DIN TAI FUNG places I've been too. The dishes were just okay. To be honest, I still preferred other xiao long bao places because of the quality and quantity.
All in all, it was an okay visit. Nice to remember and experience Taiwanese dishes. Although, I don't think I'll go back anytime soon. Honestly, it was just okay. The service was great but the food was so-so. I don't know but it seems Chinatown would have been a better choice.

ARIA Resort & Casino, 
3730 S Las Vegas Blvd, 
Las Vegas, NV 89158

Disclaimer: paid for the meal. wrote this based on my experience.
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Monday, May 24, 2021


Noted to be the south most hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, Mandalay Bay Hotel has its own style and charm. As with any casino + hotel + resort, this place aims for you not to leave the compound and enjoy all its offering. Of course with accessibility, this would lead to a significant price tag. A week or so ago, I was able to stay in this resort and enjoy its offerings. Here's a little bit of room tour/experience.

Mandalay Bay is an MGM property. As such, it offers a STAY WELL version of their room. This means that your room has some upgrades that would make your visit a cleaner and more relaxed stay. Mandalay is a little bit of an upgrade from MGM Grand in terms of rooms. The MGM is more accessible while the Mandalay tends to be a family oriented place to visit. With the wave pool and shark reef aquarium, it targets family visits. 

Well enough of that. My friends and I checked into our respective rooms. There was a little hickup with their reservations. Thankfully, it got fixed. They weren't charged for their upgrade but it was a little bit of a hassle as we got in late and tired. I was upgraded to their floor without me asking. I did leave a tip for the front desk for her service.  The room in itself is quite normal except for the "stay well" features.


The features include an air purifier, diffuser, and even a vitamin c water purifier for your shower area.  Since we brought bbq for dinner in my room, it was notable that the smell didn't linger. I guess the purifier did work it's charm.

Washroom wise, the toilet was separated by a door. The shower was on a corner and not with the tub. Unfrotunately, there was no television in there.



  The bar was fully stocked but you should already know that it would cost you an arm and a leg for these items. Thankfully, ice was still free. Better to just pack your luggage with drinks and snack from the local grocery to save some dollars.

The view though was pretty good. It's not to lit up that you might have a hard time sleeping.
The pool is another reason to stay here. If you're staying at the Mandalay Bay you have access to the Beach. It's a collection of pools. A lazy river, a heated wave pool with sand, and a couple of normal pool. If you're staying at the Delano or the Four Season, you have access to private pools just for their guests.
The place opens up at 9am and closes at 6pm. There's a lot of seats that you could go for since it's 100%capacity already. Some though are by reservation. You have to pay for the cabanas and some of the premium seats. Towels are free of course. A few minutes before 9am though, a line could be seen forming. You just need to show your hotel room key card for you to gain entry.
There are of course food and drinks available. There are wait staff that roam around. You could also go to the stalls themselves.

VEGAS IS DEFINITELY OPEN. There are a lot of visitors that roam the strip. Hotels and restaurants are ramping up their employment drive because of the demand. There are now a lot of places that are opening up as well. 
Mandalay Bay Hotel is one of them. The place is relaxed although the casino isn't as complete as other places. It's a definitely a must try to visit but honestly, I might go for something else next time.

Disclaimer: paid for my stay. wrote this based on my experience.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

So here's the thing with me. I'm in love with sushi. Granted I love food in general but sushi and Japanese cuisine has a special place in my heart and in my tummy. Even though there's a pandemic going on, there comes a time when you really need to scratch that itch. Thankfully, here in Las Vegas, things are starting to pick up.

One of the best SUSHI AYCE restaurant in Las Vegas (according to some of my friends) would be SUSHI NEKO. Located in the unofficial-offical Chinatown of Las Vegas, this place seems to be quite small but it does cater to a lot of patrons because of the fast turnover. Since there is a pandemic going on, they do have a limit on capacity. They also no longer accept reservation. 

You and your party needs to be there and complete before they could let you have a seat. Parking seems to be a little problematic at first, but they do have a covered parking to the right of the restaurant. 

The menu is quite straight forward. They have a number of cooked dishes, sushi, rolls, and of course dessert. Appetizer wise, they would suggest you try the bulgogi nachos. To be honest, it was just okay.

 They also have a number of small plates like gyozas. You can't go wrong with this deep fried dumpling. If you're up for some tempura, they also have it here. I would suggest getting the creamy shrimp rather than just the ordinary ebi tempura. This version is almost the same except that it's filled with cream cheese inside.
One thing that differs from other sushi ayce places that I've been to would be that this one offers skewers.

It seems that the one thing that makes them different from other places is that they have tons to offer. I actually placed a copy of their menu at the bottom of this article. The katsu curry seemed to be great at first but the meat was dry. The sauce was okay though.

Sushi wise, I'm happy to say that the quality was pretty good. Furthermore, they do not over put rice in them. Making them more seafood than rice.
The Salmon was great. They didn't have the mackerel so I went with the yuzu yellowtail instead.
One thing I didn't like though was their ikura. The Salmon Roe didn't pass the pop test. I ordered it a number of times so it seems that it's the batch that they got. It wasn't as fresh as one would like.
If you're into rolls, I would suggest you go for the baked version. Granted that Sushi Neko is part of a group of restaurants that specializes in kbbq, hotpot, and sushi, you might actually have experienced some of these at their other restos. That time, the Japanese Lasagna Roll made me curious so I tried it out. Thankfully, these rolls are already in default half roll. It was creamy and cheesy at the same time.
The other roll that I tried would be the Baked Lobster. I thought that they would serve real lobster meat. Unfortunately, they use deep fried balls to pass up as lobsters. It did still taste good with the garlic mayo and unagi sauce.
One thing that would usually signal the end of the meal, would be dessert. At an AYCE place such as this, ordering dessert would automatically bill you out. I would suggest skipping the tempura ice cream as the batter was quite different. I had a number of these before at different places and I have to say that you should skip this.

Overall, SUSHI NEKO in LAS VEGAS is a pretty good place to go to. I would suggest visiting on an off time as I figured that lines would be long. I went there on a Monday lunch time and it was filled with people waiting outside for their turn. Service wise, everything was fast and great except for the last part. They forgot one of the dessert but it was okay. I did enjoy my time there.

5115 W Spring Mountain Rd #117, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Wrote this based on my experience. 
Paid for our meal. 

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