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Friday, May 31, 2013

May 29, 2013

Breakfast... The most important meal of the day as they say...

 BUT>>>>> Breakfast with a view of taal... EPIC!!!

Need I say more?...

During our stay in Tagaytay last may 28-29, 2013, we had an awesome breakfast!

We were led to the balcony of the restaurant.

Take your pick... (just click :D )
What we had:

Fresh watermelon,mango and pineapple juice... NO not fruits!

Steak and eggs... it was soft!!! and flavorful.

CRUNCH bacon.. yeah men!!!!

It wasn't too heavy but it sure filled our tummy. Who am I to complain? With all of these.. well let's just say, it was damn near perfect!!!!!

Cafe Verbena
Discovery Country Suites
Tagaytay, Philippines
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Written by Lovely

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