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Saturday, June 1, 2013

I found myself waking up early in the morning to go here. Yes... 10:30am is early already for me.
laking harang ng poste.. ano ba..
at least they got my name right

Buffet 101's first branch opened in the Mall of Asia by the bay. Honestly the first luxury buffet that opened
would be Vikings. They elevated the buffet experience to a higher level. With affordable pricing and hotel-like ambiance and fixture, you can't go wrong with them. For a few months, it had a monopoly on the extreme buffet service. After some time, Buffet 101 opened up on the opposite side of the MOA Bay area. The rest is history. Vikings now has 3 branches (Sm Moa, Sm Marikina, Sm North Edsa) while buffet 101 only has 2 one in Moa and another in Robinson Magnolia.....

So one fine lunch time, I found myself eating in Buffet 101's Robinsons Magnolia branch.

So when I had asked for reservation, I asked them to place us near the buffet spread. The last time I was there, we were seated all the way in the back. Good thing too because I haven't had breakfast yet.
Their Rob Magnolia's branch has a large seating capacity. It even have an alfresco area which was almost full while we were there. I heard one guy said "parang palengke". Yeah that many patrons.

Here are the stuffs they served:
notice anything? nothing to pick up the cheese cubes... I had to improvised. Even after asking for some. argh
Their paella was more of rice mixed with a lot of tomato sauce from the grocery. Very WET! Avoid.
Other offerings included: seafood and meat grilling station, Chinese dumplings, fried Filipino fare, a small Japanese station which offered 6 kinds of rolls and only salmon sashimi, 2 kinds of pizza, some tired bread, a few appetizers, and juices, different ice tea, softdrinks, coffee and tea. Their dessert area seemed to occupy 1/3 of the buffet but it was quite not up to par with other places.
Most of the cut up fruits are dry and aren't that fresh looking. Might have been there for a long time.
Loved the crepe. Freshly made. suggest to mix up the insides.
My plates...

Their mantou was a bit hard. Peking duck wrap was juicy. Sweet and sour pork had more bones and ligaments than meat.
Angus, was a little chewy even if I asked for medium.
Clam Chowder- was creamy but one thing though, there was no clams in it.
The prime rib has the right amount of seasoning and it was cooked right. The temakis were small and had a lot of rice.
AVOID THE RADISH CAKE!! Dry and tasted weird! The pizza wasn't what was on the label. It didn't have that wasabi mayo flavor it said.
Fresh!!! YAHOO!!! One of the few things I liked.
They served some soba but the sauce was too sweet. I preferred family mart's version more.

They also served tempura. Sadly, it was always almost gone. I was able to taste a few and it was freshly made. I noticed though that at around 1:00pm they never replenished the tempura. Maybe it took a longer time? Not sure though.

As I said, dessert was disappointing. They had pastries, fruits and candies but they even served cakes from Red Ribbon. Almost everything was dry.

I tried but they are dry!! The yogurt was one of the saving grace.
Cute mug, but the jelly in it had a dry rough texture. Avoid.
 Like any place, there are hits and misses. Their service was all right. Since we were near a cleaning station, they always almost quickly fixed up the table and took the dishes away.

The price is very competitive seeing what they offer compared to other buffet restaurant in the metro. I believe their only main competitor in this field would be Vikings. Honestly, I would go for Vikings compared to buffet 101. For me, Vikings has more quality food items to offer. What do you guys think?

Yeah... they didn't have any artificial sweeteners.. SAD!

Buffet 101 Currently has 2 branches.
One in the Mall of Asia ground.
Here, Robinson's Magnolia 

sorry for the glare...

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  1. Yeah, the only thing sulit was the suwahe.. too commercialized na & too many people, yikes! ;P

    1. Hi mama bear!!How are you na? Saw a lot of your posts po ah!!!What adventures!! hehehe :D :D :D ... Yeah totally.. but since I only paid 550 pesos per person.... well pwede na po. I just won't be going back anytime soon. :D :D :D!! When are we going to meet po? Saan niyo po gusto magpalibre? hahahaha :D :D :D I think I am free after the first week of June :D :D :D :D