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Friday, May 31, 2013

May 29, 2013

WHEW!!!! Enough with all the Bangkok posts...
After all that tiring VACATIONing... well I went straight to another one...
This one is shorter but what the heck....

It seems that I have an affinity to the south. To be more precise, I end up going to Tagaytay. I have been there countless times. During the period when I was still dating someone from down there, we would usually end up eating and staying the night in this neck of the woods. Add this up to the different after party occasions and midnight movies that would lead me here. All this from a guy that grew up and stayed all his life in Quezon City.

Isn't that just NUTS?

From the dashboard of my car... The ever famous Tagaytay's Rotonda

I guess I needed another time off as I pursued another stay in Tagaytay. Don't get me wrong I know I am nuts.., I just wanted to go on another relaxing ride down there without having to drive back north again on the same day and try different restaurants that seemed visiting.

You see earlier this week, I went to Tagaytay with some of my college friends. I left around 1am. It was TIRING to say the least. (and dangerous and freaky... driving alone at night... waaah!!!)

Good thing this time, I have made a reservation to Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay for some overnight relaxation last May 28.

Honestly, I booked this room out of a whim. You see, I was supposed to go here with a person (who must not be named) to enjoy the day and have a relaxing night. She (duh...) chose the date of when to go but at the last minute (when everything was fixed, booked, and paid for) wasn't up to it. So fine! Whatever! PLAN B!

You can't miss it. Coming from Sta Rosa, turn right at the T-intersection. The suites would be on the left side.

I took another person for an amazing experience instead. Since I have been here a number of times, I was familiar with the place. The staff was amazingly service oriented and was eager to please.

Check in was a breeze. Although our room wasn't prepared yet, we were instead asked to relax and have a seat in their restaurant. Here they gave us some drinks.

Pineapple mint...Looks gross.. tasted sweet and refreshing.

After a few minutes, one of the staff members brought us to our room.

The Saint Tropez. It is a 37 sqm room. It didn't feel small but it had enough space to walk around and feel relaxed. It is located on the main level. Here are the other things in the room:
Comfortable.. not too hard .. just right.
welcome fruits and some h20

old school key.. would have wanted it to be a card instead... too big for my pocket.

Cool mugs!!

mandatory selfie washroom shot

shower area...

ack.. no bidet :(

At around 5pm-6pm, there is a wine and cheese buffet. A little snack at their Cafe Verbena.

Only has a few tables but it spells luxury

I think that one was boy bawang!

Cheese Cheese and more Cheese

My plate...doesn't look good but tastes incredible!
 and as I said.. I never ever let myself not get one of this!!

After getting a little cheese action, we went out for a little dinner. When we got back, we were given milk and cookies to end our day.

What a sweet warm touch

The milk had some flavor added to it. According to the person I was with, it was an acquired taste.

Of course I needed a little more help to relax. Good thing, I brought this.
random sparkling from m and s.

So while snuggling myself in the comfy bed and getting some Game of Thrones loving, I had a lot of sips. HEHEHEHE!!! YUMMY!

Everything was awesome. The service and the accommodation were spot on. I love it!!
The only downside with this stay was that the wifi wasn't reaching our room. Also, I believe that they needed to upgrade their suites. It feels old. Oh I almost forgot, we went on a Tuesday, I suggest you go on a Wednesday. TWO REASONS. Although their restaurant gives 20% off to guests staying there, they give 50% off every Wednesdays to everyone. Plus I saw them cleaning their out door heated whirlpool on Tuesday afternoon. So Wednesday I believe is the best day to go :D :D :D

We checked out at around 12. It was fast and quick. No problem.

Later tonight..... What breakfast is like in Cafe Verbena....

Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay
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