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Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 12, 2013

Friends and family of mine know that I adore chocolates. I mean who doesn't right? Give me a piece of chocolate and I will not return the box to you! They might be out of their minds if they think that chocolates are NOT sinful, rich, yummy, delicious and all of that but I just can't get enough of it. My mom on the other hand, SUPER DUPER DUPER LOVES 2 things: BAGS and CHOCOLATES. Since I can't afford to give her bags, I went on a hunt for chocolates. Good thing that deal grocer had a coupon for this. So I got her

Choclery Artisan Chocolates

 Choclery are awesome chocolates that are proudly Filipino made. They were in the TOP 5 of OAP's Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 and Top 50 Desserts in 2012 of Yummy mag.

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 In a box there would be 12 carefully made chocolates. The packaging in itself is quite professional and has a clean touch to it. It wasn't the usual poorly made box that some chocolates or candies are placed in.


There were 4 different kinds of chocolates found in this box. There were 6 pieces of 60% dark truffle. This has the right amount of chocolate to keep me licking my fingers for that awesome taste. The rest of the flavors only had 2 pieces each. The green tea flavored chocolates were quite a pleasant surprise. I mean the flavor was very deep and I love it. The manchego bonbon had cheese and cocoa. In this one, I didn't really taste the cheese. Lastly, the banana caramel had real banana inside. It reminded me of a banana base crepe from cafe breton. Overall the green tea flavored was my hands down favorite.

Half of the 60% dark truffle.

 According to Mr. John Oliver Tiong, it is important that the chocolates are placed in a cool setting because they might melt. Also, it would be best if it is consumed within 2 weeks. I took this into account when I picked them up from their Greenhills Branch last yesterday.  Actually, they went above and beyond. You see, I bought coupons with the details that it is only valid starting May 15. I asked Mr. Tiong if I could get it earlier and he was very warm and pleasant about it. So, I got it a day prior to MOTHER'S day!!!! Talk about great customer service.

For the discounted price and the cool customer service, I would definitely buy some more of this awesome chocolates. Now if only they had chocolates that could decrease blood sugar.

BTW This deal is still ongoing in  for the week of may 12-18, 2013. So, I would suggest you get them while you still can :D
 Pick-up at Cafe Publico 
2/F Greenhills Promenade Mall
 San Juan City

p.s some of the photos were taken from 
p.p.s. I wasn't paid for any ads or what not, I just love their chocolates!!!
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