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Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 12, 2013

Where where to eat on mother's day? Yes yes yes I know but where? Buffet or fine dinning? Hotel or restaurant? Wait wait distance?

These were the frantic questions my dad, brother and myself were asking each other as to prepare for mother's day. I mean I do all the scouting and they do the paying. HEHEHE! My dad wanted a hotel. Too bad for him, my brother and I wanted something casual and near our place. After much deliberations on the pros and cons, VIKINGS won.

Vikings Sm Marikina

 Vikings started around April 2011. Its first branch opened along San Miguel by the Bay in Mall of Asia
There they had a 600 capacity restaurant that caters to primarily to the buffet eating crowd. 

After a year into operation, their second branch in SM Marikina opened to cater to their north side customers. Recently, their Sm North Edsa branch just opened. With prices that are affordable compared to hotel buffets and with quality and quantity a notch higher than the usual buffet place, this is the restaurant to go to. This restaurant was the first to introduce the free buffet for the birthday celebrant promo. I also believe that they started the whole luxury buffet in the metro. Buffet 101 is their main competitor, I believe.

The dessert area welcomes you as you enter
As you enter their Marikina branch, a cheerful staff would check into your reservation using their ipad. It was quite cool and helpful as all the information was there. Another staff would then assist you into your booth and would give a brief introduction. They were all kind and respectful.

different kinds of cookies

kuya explaining the different shabu shabu sticks to my mom
 (you could make your own)

Oysters with cheese

 Okay okay okay, the place was too big for me to picture the whole area. There were make your own pasta and pizza plus burgers and a lot mooooore!!!! So here are my plates..(well not all of them....) BWHAHAHAHA!

some caviar, blinis and some japanese stuff
chinese and japanese food. The TEMPURA was freshly made and the bomb!

Lamb on the left, duck in the mid, and some kind of angus on the right

Macaroons, Creme Brulee and some Dragon Fruit

They have different stations that have live cooking. Meaning you could have and order some fresh ingredients and have them cooked and deliver to your own table. From fresh seafood, to steaks, turkey, lamb, beef teppan, and a lot more.

I wasn't able to take note of the drinks area.... Wait, yes the drinks are part of the buffet!!! They had coffee machines, tea, milo slushie, draft beer, tiger beer, sake (all absent because of the liquor ban!!Argh!), around 5 different juices, softdrinks, sago't gulaman and yes water.   

  Lookie here, they even gave small cakes to all the moms in the house.

I agree!!!
And they had these cute small posters around

They had this all over the place with different messages! I just love them!!

Over all for the price, I believe it is worth visiting if you are up for a buffet lunch or dinner. More affordable to visit during weekdays and non holidays as they are around 200 pesos more than your ordinary buffet place. Would I go back? Of course I will. Now if you would excuse me I need to walk around because at 6 in the evening I am still full and totally tired from eating my brunch.

Budget around 800-1200 per person depending on when you will be visiting them. Weekday lunch, dinner, weekends and holidays have different prices per person. I would suggest that you call them first for a reservation.

Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 14:30, 17:30 - 22:30

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