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Friday, June 14, 2013

June 12 is the independence day of the Philippines. I am thankful and grateful for all the sacrifices our ancestors did for us. They are our heroes. For us to enjoy our freedom is only possible because of their blood and sweat. The freedom to choose and to decide on our everyday lives are all because of their actions and ideals. As a proud Filipino, I am sincerely indebted to what they have done.

As part of this year's independence day bash, I was lucky enough to join the official launch of the Filipino Food Network and the celebration of the International Adobo day.
I believe that the same passion of our forefathers are present in this group of young men and women into creating this food network. It clearly caters and shows the different tastes of an everyday Juan in connection to what society is at the present. Their concept is different from the usual product driven shows. They have a more independent feel to how they present their programs. 
From the hdtv clips (all their productions are in HD) and the demonstrations that were shown, I think that they would be a mainstay in providing a Filipino Culinary Experience to everyone.

But the question that would be in everyone's mind is "Why adobo?". Well for one, it is the most loved and favorite viand of all the Juans out there. There would be a high probability that if you ask any Filipino what their favorite Filipino Food would be, adobo would be the answer. Of course there are a lot of ways on how to prepare this dish. That in itself is unique to the different taste and preference to each one of us. But, we all have that clear group of ingredients that are present in all the dishes.

For that I am happy and incredibly touched to be invited to the official launch of the Filipino Food Network and their celebration of  the International Adobo Day.

Here are some of the things that happened.
 We were picked-up from Quezon City and brought all the way to Subic. (yes that is where the venue is)

There was a mini presentation of their different shows and they even had a little cooking demonstration.
Some of the different chefs that has their own shows.
Chef Mark showing a little cooking demo on coconut based adobo
Chef Nancy Reyes-Lumen -very down to earth and an advocate of adobo.
Chef Liza Dino doing a little demo
a little bromance
The people behind Filipino Food Network are Mr. Ogi Sugatan and Mr. Jhermaine Fernandez. According to them, they would be going on air before the end of 2013. For now you could get a glimpse of their pilot episodes here. I am just so excited with this because of the different personalities and chefs that are lined up. From elegantly presented cooking show of Ms. Ara Mina to the laugh trip moments of Tales From the Food Zone of Mr. Ramon Bautista.

Since adobo was the celebrant, I was exposed to some of the different adobo's out there. It was an amazing experience.
This one had no soy sauce in it. Quite different for me.
Amazing flavors. Rich.
Chinese based recipe.
Of course no man can eat a lot of different adobos without other viands. It was fun to note that lunch was a meaty bout. There was little veggies in sight for all the dishes... (MY TUMMY WAS HAPPY! Rawr :D)
Preparing some of the adobo pizza.
getting the ribs juicified

The chef was saying... "shooo mamaya na.. inaayos pa po."... "kakainin din kita!"

 End Products
The meat was soft and tender. The skin was crunchy. It had a bit of lemongrass taste and a little gata feel to it.
This had truffle oil in it and was a little spicy. TWIST?

Adobo crepe. Looks like lasagne but it is fluffy. Texture is soft and tastes like cheesy adobo.
After eating... (Yes eating a lot....). A little Kodak moment ensued.

It all ended with a lot of laughs and full tummies.
Congratulations to the staff of the Filipino Food Network. I salute you guys!
Of course me too!!! Chefs Mitchie, J and Tina

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