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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Approximately 1 year back... My family and I went all the way to Singapore for a little R and R.We were there for around 4 days. I know... just posting some pictures... of old memories. Wishing to return and to go to the different places I wasn't able to try out. The only problem I have now is I don't have anyone to join me :( . Anyone willing to go? KKB! Promise!

We stayed at a hotel located on Orchard road rather than picking the Marina Bay Sands. We figured that more or less, orchard road would be more accessible and tourist friendly than staying in MBS all the way at "the far end". It would also allow us to walk to different malls. It gave us an opportunity to see the different restaurants and shops which would give us a lot of insight into the way Singapore works.

 Staying at Mandarin Orchard Hotel was a great choice. It housed a mall from 1st to 4th floor and had their main lobby at the 5th floor. It had 2 wings with Orchard wing being the newer but had smaller rooms compared to their old wing. Entrance could be done via the mall and also via a small concierge area. It was quite annoying not to find seats or chairs or sofa at least for people waiting to check in or waiting for their ride.

Good thing the check in process was fast and sweet. We were handled by Ms. Nancy who was a Filipina. No nose bleed moments. She gladly fixed everything within 10 minutes and gave us an upgrade.

Going to the rooms, one would need a key card for the elevator access. We were given three so we had an extra one just to leave in the room so that it would stay frosty and cool.

Yeah.. I get to have my name on the TV.  It shows the menu for in house dining and extra options.
Beds are firm and clean... Pardon the wrinkles.. My bro already jumped on that one.
Clean washroom... No bidet.. why does this keep on happening to me.
Had money exchange early on...

 Of course we went to different places.
 From the night safari.

 To universal studios
 Of course one would need fast pass... TO maximize everything!

Food wasn't awesome and expensive as any amusement park would serve.
Useless calories and too expensive for their taste and quality.
That is why this guy is only bones.. He wasn't able to take it and didn't eat any.
Incredible production.. quite amusing.
Of course this is the only place to watch it!!!!

With the main cast... yes. we were also soaked!!!
 Of course we went to sentosa... Just to get a feel
We just had to ride it. Also went to the night show of some lights and water show.

Had these from H and M for pasalubong.. The hello kitty is super cute!!!!! The blue blouse well was for someone that requested blue! hahahah

 Of course we went around not knowing were to eat. We happened to just pass by a Japanese Store.
A few months prior to having yabu here in Manila we had the exact same tasting food in Singapore. Of all the places.

 Of course I needed macaroons.
Had a chance to meet up with old college friends..and eat here. 
 Yeah we ordered a lot and ate a lot!!!!walked a lot too.
We tried this place. Wasn't really impressed.
Tasted satay better at other places
Rolls were normal too.
Max is better.
I don't know if they are having a bad day or what but service wasn't impressive too. Overpriced and wasn't there.
 Had to leave and go somewhere else for more food because what we had didn't cut it.
 Went to Paragon Mall and sat at a Cafe.
Tasted way better than lunch
 Moist!!!!!!!! I died eating this.

 Walked around and went mall hopping. Saw this and it made a mark.
These are what we live for right? So how come!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa
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