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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Since my brother was coming home from his immersion, we knew he was really hungry. But, he had different things in mind. Rather than going out to eat, he asked that he go home immediately and take a bath.  Maslow's and his priority: a nice long bath before food.

He just asked that he have some pizza and potatoes. So, we went for a Yellow Cab delivery.

He started off with some carbonara.

 very creamy
 Bacon cheese and potatoes... very oily and deadly
 Yes 4 flavors

The anchovies were a little watered down. I was looking for more salty flavor. The cheese was plain. The shrimps were popping. It wasn't rubbery at all. Cooked right. and yes...Very oily!!!

Yellow Cab
(02)789 9999 (24/7 delivery)

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