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Monday, June 24, 2013

Would you believe that it was my first time to check out and try Serenitea?
Yes I know right. I am not the milk tea fan. I am not that passionate when it comes to these things.
My usual go to place would have to be Happy Lemon. I wouldn't even go for their milk tea blends but rather for their cocoa rock salt and cheese (I had this phase where I would always go to their 1st branch in Greenhills and beat the 12 MN closing time for a little treat!!!~ all the way from wherever dinner date I would come from).

Anyway after eating in Cyma, mom, dad and I went over to the new wing to walk around. Since we saw that Serenitea didn't have a crowd, we tried it out of the blue.

I had the Hokkaido while my mom had the Okinawa...
The hokkaido was rich and creamy because of its toffee caramel flavor.
The okinawa, on the other hand, was black sugar based so my mom loved it.
We both asked for the blends to have ZERO % sugar. Good thing too because it was already sweet when we got ours.
Needless to say, we didn't finish it because we were already full but we enjoyed the milk tea flavors.

We loved the interior design that they had for the store. Comfy chairs and quite amusing.

6th Floor East Wing
Shanrila Mall, Mandaluyong
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