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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I know !!I know this is more or less a food blog but there are just times that I want to show something that I believe is worthwhile. This has been a request from some of my girl friends since they wanted to ask me about it.

I was well aware of these kind of subscriptions. Usually, it would entail one to purchase a plan from a website that send out samples of different cosmetic girly girl products. If I am not mistaken this has been done in the US prior to it being present here in the Philippines. As for me, I have tried glamourbox and even sampleroom.
yeah mom has this in her
For glamourbox, they came in strong and was a little ahead of BDJ. I (meaning my mom) was satisfied with their plans and their products. Most often than not, the stuff they send are of sample sizes (read: SMALL). From perfumes to creams and even some lotions. I believe their samples are more of the higher end kind and are pricy. For the plans, this one has more expensive packages. The only problem I have with this company is that there are times when they do not have enough stocks for their members. Usually the boxes would be gone in a few hours of announcing them. I guess you just have to really watch out for their announcements.
Yeah all I gave was 100PHP for the shipping.
As for sampleroom, they have a different approach. They have a website and you get to pick the samples you want. You register there for free and they give you 100 points. They deduct points from that and use it for the redemption of the samples. What I like about it is that you are able to choose what you want. Here, you only pay for the shipping. To be able to recover your used points one would be asked to make a review on the product. The plus side of this is that you know what is coming and you only pay for shipping. I have been given some freebies like small key chain and even cellphone decorations from sampleroom. The bad side here is that there are these instances that they take a long time in restocking and adding new samples. It also takes awhile for them to reimburse your points after making a review on the products you got.

ANYWAY..... back to bdj
You see I gave my mom a 9 month subscription to BDJ box. I mean it was my mother's day gift to her (that and a spa session in The Spa.... Yes I am sweet....).

Since most of my close friends are girls and they would usually chill in our place, they saw some of BDJ's boxes in our house. They asked if I could post one when I get a new one for them to decide if they would subscribe to.

When I got my ... I mean mom's box, I checked it out. 
 As you can see, the samples I got here are mostly full sized. Plus the plans cost a bit lower compared to glamourbox. I am pretty much satisfied with their customer support and even their delivery. They usually send their packages every 15th of the month. Also they have these contests where you could join.

Of course I am a guy. I don't use these so I can't really be able to give you an all out review on each product. Plus I love food. I am not really into these things... I do not know how I got into this. I think I got tricked by my friends LOL !! They used their Jedi mind trick on me!!

Overall, these sites and companies give our girl friends, wives, moms, and daughters chances to be able to try out new things without blowing up the bank. Usually the cost in itself to get all these product surpasses the amount paid to the companies. Yet, I believe that this is a win win situation for the companies and also the consumers. Companies get to share and get their product out in the market, while consumers are able to try them out. I do hope they continue on providing their services and that we as the consumers keep on using them.
BDJ's facebook

If you have questions or comments feel free to ask. Let me just be clear that I wasn't paid to write this. I wrote down my own opinion on their services. 

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