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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yay!!!! Happy Father's day!! (fine belated!!!)
For father's day, we opted to celebrate a day before. BUT OF COURSE, during the day itself we needed to celebrate.
At home, mom just bought some stuff from different restaurants for us to feast on.

 We had a few merienda stuff from Merced bakeshop.
Fried empanadas... awesome!!!!! a little oily but worth it!

Yeah! Fluffy! and awesome!!!!
More dessert
 Yeah... I attacked the dessert first. Afterwards I went for the mains.
 These were the things we got from Ana Lisa's. These were crunchy and were actually affordable compared to the same stuff from other restaurants.
Crunchy Chicaron Bulaklak
Crispy pata!!!
Yeah!!! I ate that!!!!
From Mesa, my mom bought a lot of other things.
2 way laing!!! One dry one wet...
Baby squid in olive oil! ... YUMMY!
Bistek Bangus... favorite of dad!!
 We all enjoyed our lunch because we all got some favorites from different restaurant. I know I overate again but it was Dad's day.

from mesa's fb page

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