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Sunday, June 23, 2013

I found myself in Shangrila Mall looking for a place to eat. I was with my family minus my lil bro (was in an immersion program for school - YES~!!! time for him to experience a lifestyle change!).
#10 on the list... No thanks.
We were aiming to eat at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen in the new East Wing but we didn't bother with the long line. My family always make it a point not to wait for seats in a restaurant unless if it was absolutely necessary. This wasn't one of those rare occasions. Since we really couldn't decide with where to eat, we found ourselves walking around the mall.

Then, my dad just said, "Let's eat in Cyma...". Since my dad rarely chooses, my mom and I went with what he wanted. For a not so adventurous guy like him, he always go to the places where he feels safe and sure of the taste. Oh and he likes salmon.

Why go to a Greek place for salmon? Well they serve it just the way he likes it. Baked and plain. 

 Just some olive oil and some pepper and it is good to go.
 Hummus to start the meal off.
 Kalamarakia or crispy baby squid. Now this is how you do your calamares.
 The chicken soulvaki was marinated and done right. My mom enjoyed it.
 This baby clams with angel hair pasta was delightful if only they properly served it. The top part was almost near dry. All the liquid was as if removed and placed at the bottom of the bowl. I guess they forgot to properly mix it before serving. Maybe that or it was on the counter for a little more time than it should have been.
 For a Saturday night, the place was packed and had a few seats open. The service was fast and efficient. Our bill was around 2,000 Php. I guess it was reasonable.

6th Floor Shangrila Mall
The Ledge
Oh and we passed by that ramen place again after we ate. Well, it still had a crowd outside. Maybe next time.
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