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Saturday, June 22, 2013

You see I wasn't in the mood and was actually feeling bad. Because of the awful news I got, my mom told me I needed a time off to relax. Out of the blue, she woke me up and asked me to eat out. It would be our mother-son date.

She told me to try the new restaurants in the east wing of Shangri-la. We were actually a bit early since the mall opens at 11am. After a few minutes of wondering around, we found our way to Maple.

Maple, according to Mike (our server), is actually owned by the same guys from Pancake House. This restaurant mainly offers all day breakfast food and some. The pancakes and the desserts  were the best sellers.
 We started with a glazed dinner roll. Sweet bread with butter.
 I had the Maple Cream Float (195 Php). It is rich and of course creamy. YUMMY!

 My mom had their Country Iced Tea (105 Php). It was brewed tea with orangey taste to add to the citrus flavor they were aiming for. It wasn't watered down thank goodness.
 For starters, we had the Maple House Salad. (AVOID!) My mom and I didn't like the dressing. It was oily and wasn't really helping the salad vibe. The salad needed a little more oomph.
 Huevos Rancheros (340Php) was like eating nachos with an egg on top. It wasn't bad nor was it good.
 See nachos.
 Spaetzle Jambalaya (390 Php) had the taste of a burrito from Army Navy. The only wonderful part here is that they used spaetzle rather than making the usual rice based. The Spaetzle popped with every bite.
 This was the best dish for that lunch! The Prime Rib tapa (520Php) was marinated right. Even without the sauces, the flavor was tapang tapa!!! and spot on.

For dessert, we had their bourbon bread pudding (220Php). In all honestly, this tasted the same with Wildflour's. Although, I like Wildflour's version more because of the burnt sides and it wasn't too creamy and rich. This was all soft bread.
 Of course we over ordered again. All this was for 2400++ Php. A little too much for just 2 persons right? I guess the only downside of this restaurant is that it is pricey. If you want a little more affordable, go for other places.

L/GF of East wing Shangri-la Mall

 By the way, this is the first time for us to use their east wing parking lot. It wasn't like the other two parking areas where you get a little nauseous. The flooring were all skid proof and the area is well ventilated with high ceilings unlike the ones in Eastwood.
Just a little reminder. It is not open 24 hours. Flat rate is 45 Php.

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  1. Hey baby bear! Sorry to hear you had a bad day. I'm so used to seeing you so happy & upbeat. I hope you'll be able to turn your frown upside down soon. On the bright side, I've noticed you're ranking is going up in a jiffy.. #106 na in such a short time, woohoo! Pretty soon you'll surpass me na. Way to go!!! Keep SMiLiNG! :-*

    1. Hi mama Bear!!!!!! Yeah.. awful news.... but I guess I got to keep moving forward..... Ranking? nyhahahahaha Thanks for noticing po.... Thanks thanks thanks!!!! Don't worry po this too shall pass !!!!!!!!