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Monday, July 29, 2013

Taking a break on my Singapore posts spree, let me just take another look on a great restaurant.
On Saturday afternoon, my family and I visited MU noodle bar. The last time I was here (click here), it was only my mom who accompanied me.
We were in for an Epic food adventure.
 We were greeted by an accommodating staff who assisted us to our seats. They then served us with complimentary tea.
Something hot to warm our tummies.
The place was empty so we had the whole place to ourselves.
 I was able to take a picture of their chef's table that has a window into their dinner service.
For drinks, I had their lemon tea (65 Php). It tasted similar to Army Navy's version. This one just had a better depth. It wasn't watery and full of citrusy flavors.
My brother had the frozen tarragon tea (Php 80). It was slushy goodness.
 Since my brother loves his noodles, he tried the beef tendon with soy stock (260Php). At first, we thought that it was good for one person. When it was brought to us, we were like WOW! It was one huge bowl! The soup tasted like bulalo according to my brother. The noodles were firm and cooked right. The beef weren't overcooked and were tender. This would be great for a rainy day.
Swirly swirly swirly!
 See the beef? Cooked just right!
 The beef fried rice (200Php) was really huge. It was good for 4-5 persons. It tasted all right. It wasn't oily nor was it too much. We weren't able to finish it.
 We ordered their 3 cup chicken (240Php). It was ordinary this time around. There was a lot of dried garlic cloves and only a few pieces of chickn.
 Their Dong Bo buns (240Php) was like make your own burger! Of course, it isn't a burger. It is mantou with sweet pork cuts. The mustard and the peanut shavings added to the flavor. This is seriously pure genius!!! Please order this! I ate two because I kept it away from my family! LOL! EVIL! ME!
 Cereals and Hoti Prawns (350Php) is their take on ebi fry. One is breaded with tea like shavings while the other with japanese bread crumbs. Please do correct me if I am wrong I am not so sure about this though but it tasted like that. The prawns were really huge and weren't like any usual place. They didn't hold back on it.  I would suggest though that they offer some sort of sauce for this dish to change the pace.
 My dad and my brother do not eat radish but they tried the Xo radish cake (200Php) without them knowing about it and were happy about the taste and the texture. It was soft and yummy! While I was taking pictures of the other dishes. WOW! It was as if there was a storm that passed!
( Napalingon lang ako wala na!)
 The next dish being the sweet and spicy spareribs (220Php) was sweet. Don't get me wrong, it tasted great but there was no spicy taste involved. Maybe they could change the name of the dish.
Put it in my tummy!!!!!
 The next dish was a messy treat! It was the black hofan (220Php). If you look at it, it is all black! The squid ink wasn't just there for the aesthetic look but also for the taste. One would really smell and taste the squid in it. Plus, they cooked it right. The noodles were firm and weren't soggy. The squid weren't hard but were easy to chew. I loved it! Actually, my whole family did!
 For a Chinese fusion menu, one would think about having curry and lamb at that. I got to say that the red lamb curry (260Php) did fit in our meal. I loved the lamb and the curry flavor that came with it. The only part that I dislike would be that there was a lot of bones in the dish. Although having the meat near the bones make it more flavorful, sometimes cubes of meat would be better because it was easier to eat. LOL!
 The oyster cake (200Php) was really different from the ones we would see in the usual hawker place in Singapore (click here) or the food court in Bangkok (click here).It was layered that it had cheese on top while a cracker at the bottom.
 Even if we didn't finish everything we still tried dessert! Dessert is definitely a must try!
 The Mu milky cup (80Php) was a revelation. It was buko flavored that was smooth and refreshing. Since we had a heavy meal, this really helped in making our tummy become more happy! On a sad note though, sibling rivalries erupted as this was their last cup! ARGH!!!! (Sa kakapicture ko, diko masyado natikman!)
 Next up would be the Cua Pao Custard (120Php). The mantou buns were filled with mushy goodness. It wasn't too sweet and was just right. The powedery substance (peanut shavings?) was definitely Yummyyyy!
 The powder stuff was really gooey and NomNomlicious!
 I love how it all gushes out the bun!!
 I got to say, the price was just all right. For the quality and the food we ate, we loved everything. The staff was courteous and always on the go. By the time we left, the place was almost full. My family and I loved everything!

Mu noodle bar
Opens from 11am-12mn or 1am during weekends.
Wilson St., Greenhills.


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  1. This place is a must try I say.. affordable rates with very tasteful looking dishes.. thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Cheekeegirl!!!! Definitely!!!! :D Only problem is would have to be their parking! Quite difficult when it comes to Peak Hours :D