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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chili Crabs. Need I say more? 
One of the dishes, one looks forward to when visiting a foreign country would be those that definitely is a known specialty. My friends, in Singapore, one such dish is the Chili Crabs.
During my 2nd day in Singapore, I have had the greatest opportunity to do some amazing stuff. I was able to eat at Ion Orchard's Ginza Bairin (click here) with college buddies and Paradise Dynasty (click here) with C. The most awesome part of it all? I was able to meet and interview one awesome blogger Ms. Frannywanny (Click here)! After everything, I capped of the day with a memorable dinner! One that I will never forget!

I am soooo getting ahead of myself.
You know that you are in good hands when you see a long time friend and a new friend and the first thing you do is take a selfie photo on a road crossing just because we got stuck on the island while crossing the street!
 J, a mentor of mine in my previous work and A, the older sister of one of my subordinates (LOL!) met up with me in Clarke Quay because I wanted to go on the reverse bungy (click here) .

We couldn't decide on what to eat. But since J was craving for chili crabs (so am I), we looked for the nearest restaurant that served good crabs! Thank you internet!
The night before, I saw Jumbo Seafood and it was packing. No way C, S and I would be able to wait for the queue. But today, it was a different matter! We were craving! I knew that we needed to have reservations because of online reviews and horror stories I had heard about.

Luckily, there are 2 Jumbo seafood restaurant in the Clarke Quay area. One in Riverwalk (where we ate at) and another in Riverside Point. When we got to Riverwalk, we asked if they could accommodate us. They asked for reservation and I said none. The kind auntie checked out the computer. I think my guardian angel made my wish come true and gave us a table. We were seated within 2 minutes! LOL!
 I noticed that the place was divided into two. One was the alfresco dining and another enclosed space. We were seated just outside and near the wash area. Would have wanted a better seat but I guess what the heck.

After ordering, the first thing we did was of course to take our selfies LOL! The food took awhile to get to us so we had ample time to go gaga over the crabs over our chests.
Uncle was nice enough to do it for us when he saw all the selfies. LOL

Although there were only 3 of us, we ordered their set meal for 4 because we were hungry. In hindsight, I guess we should have just ordered individual items and would have saved our tummies from over expanding . LOL! 

First thing that arrived was the deep fried tilapia in nonya sauce. It was crunchy and tasty. It was like the ones we would order in Mesa or any Filipino food place.
Just like a Fried Alien!!! Arghhhh!
Next up was the herbal drunken prawns. The shrimps were plump and juicy and cooked well. It wasn't rubbery at all. What I didn't like was the "herbaliness" and the drunken nature of the soup. Argh! Tasted like cough syrup with a lot of beer in it. Skip the soup go for the shrimps. The shrimps tasted great!

We were then served stir fried baby Kai Lan with Minced Garlic. I loved the crunchy nature of these babies
Crunchy and fresh
Look Ma! I ate one...
 The "Hongkong" stir fried noodles arrived. I was just wondering where the shrimps were because all I saw were veggies and eggs. It wasn't too oily.
I ordered some fried mantous while J and A had some rice.
 Before we got really full, the main attraction came in.
Chili Crabs and mantou
 I guess we couldn't really eat this sucker with forks and spoons, so we had to use our fingers! It was really huge and couldn't compare to the usual ones we would normally see in the market. The sauce wasn't really spicy to the point that it is hot but was definitely mouthwatering and flavorful. I did what any local would do and get a fried mantou and scoop the sauce on it.
Amazing! This made my trip to Singapore worth it! LOL!
  This my friend is a photo that I will never forget! It is my hand soaked with all the flavors I ate during this amazing dinner! I shall forever remember this!
 Of course you have to get your hands dirty. Then, slurp it good. Finger licking good baby!
We were actually full already but we still had dessert.
Sago looks like a???? J pointed that out!
 The chilled honey dew sago tasted like the ice candy that you could get at any sari sari store. It was refreshing. Although I didn't really like the texture of the sago. It wasn't slimy. It was a little hard at the core.
 Yeah! With our tummies stretched and our bellies heavy, we had to put everything in doggie bags. Just because we couldn't finish it all.

This dinner was amazing. I am salivating at the thought of what I had that night. Although a little pricey, I guess it was all worth it. Thank you very much J and A for having me! It was really great to see you guys. When you get here, I have to treat you guys to some good old fashion Filipino comfort food.

Jumbo Seafood
A lof of branches!!!
Clarke Quay Area, Singapore
You can make your reservation via online booking

Just follow the river :D
What we had:
Really? You charge tea and nuts?!

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