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Saturday, July 27, 2013

You know you have a friend when she tells you that she is bitin even after spending an entire day with you and wants to see you the next day! Geeez! That is what I got in C! Super duper duper super girlalooo!
She actually asked me to take this photo a number of times! LOL!
 So, after my lunch with my college buddies at Ginza Bairin (click here), the ever on the go C meets up in me in Ion Orchard for another meal! OMG right? Of course, she didn't know where to go so I pushed her up all the way to Ion's 4th floor for some awesome Chinese food!
When we got there, hello line!!! Argh!!!! There was again a line for us to line up!

See those guys? Yeah! All of them are waiting! Argh!
 Arghh (you know what I will say right?).
 Thankfully, we were number 4! Since there were only 2 of us eating, we got on a shorter queue. Whew!
After waiting for around 20 minutes, we were led to a table.
As you enter, you will be thinking if you were in a dungeon or a medieval palace.
You also get to see the chefs making all the goodies!
As we were seated, complimentary tea was served.

 Of course, mandatory pictures were taken! LOL!
 Basically, this place is known for their Xiao Long Bao. I believe they are the only place (that I know off) that serves different flavors of this wonderful dish. It might not be authentic per se, but its concept is original.
They have a lot of flavors! Believe me, they are huge!

 You start at the middle and follow the directions all until the end. For me the original, foie gras and the truffle were the best. The soup was peeping hot and the flavors were distinct! I just didn't like the garlic because it was way overly garlic and the cheese didn't really taste like cheese! LOL!
Just so our taste buds won't get bored, I ordered some scallion pastry.
See mom! I ate some veggies! LOL!
It was all right. A little flaky but tasted okay.
Just in case you didn't know, here is how to eat XLB!
 Remember what I did to K when she ate some macarons (see here)? 
Well of course, I needed to do that to C too! We are friends after all so I don't want C to get jelly! LOL!

 Here is how to eat XLB, the C way!
(Believe me, I posted the pics in the order it was taken!... damn she will kill me! LOL!)

1st off, try to get the entire thing in your mouth!
 But of course it won't fit, so you got to put it back on the spoon.
 But wait, since you already bit it, sip the soup from the XLB
 Sip it some more!
 Until, there is none left!
 Then, you need to reposition it on the spoon so it won't be a hustle with the chopsticks.
 And try to eat it all again in one WHOLE bite!
 Chew or maybe just swallow it all! LOL!
Wooops next XLB please!
 After the meal, they have this concept of paying the bill to a counter. Really cool and calls for an honesty system. Then again, this is Singapore so people are really mindful of the law.
This is truly a different experience. Also, my head was a little wobbly because of the foie gras flavored XLB! It was sinful and deadly and OMG! I got to admit, this meal was a little steep for some, but it is worth it. Specially if you want to have fun and a lot of varieties. I would return with my family, if I am able to bring them here! LOL!

 Madatory elevator shot just before we part ways. LOL! Till we eat again C!
Paradise Dynasty
4th Floor (besides Jones The Grocer)
Ion Orchard, Orchard Rd, Singapore 

Menu: (You check what you want and give it to uncle or auntie!)

Disclaimer: I was not compensated nor asked to do a write up on this restaurant
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Written by Lovely

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  1. even outside sg that is already the norm. your order slip/ bill is left on your table and you have to take it to the payment counter yourself . they do that in hk, bkk, kl, macau


    1. Hi sunshine!!!! I think i just got so used to getting the bill and paying to the wait staff rather than lining up to pay after the meal ... LOL ^_^