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Saturday, July 20, 2013

One would think that kind, caring and down to earth persons are now on the endangered specie list. Living in a world like ours would definitely push us to think such. 
They are part of a rare breed and must be cherished. 
I think I got lucky and I met a person such as this on the blogosphere.

Known to the public as Ms. Sugar, Spice and everything Nice, Mommy Jane to some and Mama Bear to me, she is one of the few that I believe is part of this classification. She is really really really caring and oh so sweet. She is definitely a keeper. No wonder why she has a lot of followers on instagram and even on her blog Sugar, Spice and everything Nice. It was because of her that I got into this world of blogging in the first place. She kept on pushing me after guest blogging on hers. 
From her blogger profile
I have actually been wanting to go out and meet her in person for the longest time but since I am from the north and she from the south, it seemed impossible. Our schedule just won't collide. 
On a day of days, I was lucky enough to have some paperwork to attend to that I was able to schedule a dinner date with this wonderful person!
We met up at Cafe Juanita in Molito. It was already dinner time and there was only one table occupied.
Walking towards the corner...
She was with her Jena waiting for me in the corner. Amazingly she has this commanding presence in the room that any sweet and kind mother would have.
Of course picture first!
After our pleasantries and photo op, she informed me that she has already picked the different entrees (mommy na mommy!). This was one of those meals that I didn't really focus on as I was into our conversation (READ: kwentuhan and chikahan). I got to say that we never had a dull moment. She was very considerate and was actually forcing me to eat more (LOL)! 
I am really speechless on how she nurtures the people around her. She even took notice of my plate and kept on asking me to eat more.
Hands down! WOW!

After a few more minutes of question and answer, our food started to arrive. 

I wasn't able to take note of this one. Taro leaves were used to house a mixture of some sort of meat. It actually tasted good especially with the sauce mixed in.
 I think this one is the garlic chicken. The flavor wasn't really garlicky. It wasn't overwhelming. It tasted all right.
 Next up is the korean beef stew. This was actually tasty. It had a little spicy hint to it. Jana loved this and was able to finish it.
  We thought that the next dish was some sort of salad. It was mixed with either tinapa or tuyo flakes (I couldn't distinguish). It reminded me of those days that you would eat with your hands and have everything mixed up.
 The two way pork adobo ribs were yummy. The flakes added a different texture and crunch to the ribs that were "adoboed". The ribs were soft and were easy to eat as it fell of the bones.
 This dinuguan is Ms. Jane's fav. I mean she likes dinuguan. I think she must try the dinuguan from kanin club to feel extreme yumminess!LOL! She also likes spicy food as she cut off the chili to set off its hot flavor!
 We ordered some sweet treats for dessert just because.
 Jena ordered sticky toffee pudding which she really liked.
 Mama Bear had the cassava. She enjoyed it that nothing was left on the plate. (LOL!)
As for me, I had the mini-toron. It was okay and really sweet. I wasn't able to finish it.

We also waited for Jana for her to finish her yoga. Omg! I can't say how much her discipline is when it comes to eating and fitness. She is really in the zone. I think I need to follow her dedication and fitness level. (as if kaya ko!) Amazing!
Since I just came from Singapore a couple of days ago, I was able to time our meeting and give her some treats. Hopefully, she and her kids would like them.
taken from her instagram
Honestly, I am all out of adjectives to describe her (nauubusan na ako!LOL!). I am really speechless on how she received me and I am really blessed to have a friend like her. She is one cool Mama! The time I spent with her really went by fast. Amazingly, she can talk about anything under the sun.

As for the restaurant and the food, I wasn't really paying attention. LOL! The food was all right and okay. The servings were a little small. The ambiance was more of an old school date place feel. The service was top notch as our servers kept on assisting us with every request we had made. Btw, I think you should have reservations just to be sure because when we left the place was full.

Cafe Juanita
Molito Area infront of Alabang Town Center

Taken from and updated last june 14, 2013
Disclaimer: not all the photos here are mine. The menu is from zomato. The picture of Ms Jane is from her blogger profile while the picture of us two is from her instagram.
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  1. Hey my dear baby bear!!! what a lovely post, I couldn't be more proud of you! Thank you for all the superlative adjectives you have thrown my way haha, I am super touched & tickled pink. Baby bear talaga kita coz you love me way too much! ;)) Naunahan mo ako sa pag-post, I was so excited to write about our lovely dinner date but as you know, mommah bear had to step up for the double surprise party so ngayon lang ako naka-hinga. Thank you so much for coming all the way to the south to bring my pasalubong. <3 Good luck on the new job, I'm looking forward to more kwento from you about your job (and girls!!) on our next date. Mwah! :-*

    1. Hahaha! I saw nga po from IG! I hope you are able to rest and relax from all of the work/partying that you guys did today. Uhm... Nooo noooo more girls (at the moment) LOL! Sure sure lets make more chika and kwento :D :D :D LOL! Till we eat again po!

  2. You're right Jeng! Ms. Jane is really the nicest person ever. Good for you have met her personally. I was able to see your blog through her. I'm an avid fan of her too!

    1. Hi po!!!!! Hello hello hello! Yessss she is just super!!! Thank you din po for passing by! I do hope you enjoy reading the stuff here .... Hehehehe