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Friday, July 19, 2013

After getting off the plane, I was a bit hungry because I didn't really like the corned beef served to us during my flight in (click here).
So the first thing I did was to look for a quick meal.

 Not really! I had to freshen up in the washroom first and get some local currency LOL!.
 As I exited immigration, I went over to an information desk. I talked to the kind lady behind it in straight English. I was dreading the nosebleed moment. I asked where to eat and a few other questions. She then replied in Tagalog. Whew! Escaped from speaking English! I just remembered about Singlish and how we Filipinos speak a little more fluent when it comes to English that most Singaporeans would easily distinguish if you are from Manila. The last time I was in Singapore (click here). I definitely experienced this!

 After few short strides,, someone was calling me.
 I just got to try. Yes I really did! Yeah I needed to know. I wanted to compare it to ours and to Bangkok's (click here and here.).  
Before I ordered I saw this. OMG! After hearing about the Hello Kitty Craze in Sg a few weeks ago, they also had a Minion Craze!! Woah! At least here they could order it in online. Although, it would be months before they could get it. LOL!
 So, I ordered a McSpicy meal. It cost around 6.30 S$. A little expensive right?
 The chicken was spicier compared to what we have here. It was crispy and yummy! The fries were cooked the same as what we have!
 It was also informative of them to place a calorie table on the trays. A little disturbing for a guy like me though!

I got to say. McDonald's is pretty dependable anywhere you go. The taste is almost always the same. 
I guess everything just differs on the price tag. (MAS MURA pa din dito sa Pinas) LOL!

Ground Floor Arrival Area.
Changi Terminal 2 Airport, Singapore

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