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Friday, July 26, 2013

Remember how I wasn't really pleased with Ginza Bairin (click here)? Well I went over a few stores away and ended up buying Gindaco!
So what is in the bag?
What else? Food!
I was looking for more snacks that I chanced upon this place. It offered somewhat a take on takoyakis or Japanese balls that had octopus fillings.
I saw a small queue so I figured to have a go at it.
 They offer 3 different kinds. The normal takoyaki (3.80), negi dako (3.90) (tempura cold sauce) and the teri tama (3.90) (teriyaki sauce).
 Uncle and auntie doing the flipping!
 I got an order of their normal takoyaki and the one with teriyaki sauce.
I was impressed. It tasted great and had baby octopus in it. I loved the flavors!
 As you can see here, they didn't spare the ingredients. I really liked it! The pricing was just right! Would definitely love this for a quick snack!
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