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Sunday, July 7, 2013

After a not so stellar dinner in Trinoma's CPK, K and I braved the traffic and went on a road trip to get some shots in our system.
I actually wanted to go home at 8pm but no. Ms K had other plans. (As if she is the one driving!)
Remember do not drink and drive. Always be responsible.
Lucky you to have a friend like me.. LOL okay fine.. Same here.

After doing some chores in the north, we found ourselves stuck and crawling our way to the Fort.

When we got there by 10 pm, we went to this chill out sports bar in the Fort. The 2nd floor housed the no smoking bar. It was totally cool and really felt like a sports bar with the flat screens showing different sporting events. Because K wanted some fresh air, we went to the 3rd floor.
 We were seated in front of their alfresco bar.
The 3rd floor had fuzz ball tables and pool tables too. It had an indoor venue that has a stage and some guy was doing an acoustic semi-drunk session.
It had this awesome view to accompany us on our drinking and bonding session.
Of course we had to have a pre-lasing picture.
Ball Park Bubble Gum (100PHP)
The staff was nice enough to give us two shots instead of one. They said that it was because the shot glasses were too small. LOL! More shots for us then. I will be honest. This didn't taste like bubble gum. It was more of the arghhhh flavor. But, it had that punch we needed to give us an amazing night ahead.
Our blood, Our sweat, your tears (250PHP)
I ordered this and when I saw it I gave it to K. It was too girly for me. Right??? DAMN! Anyway, it tasted like orange juice with a hint of cough syrup.
 While thinking of another shot to order, we had some fries (195 Php). A little too expensive but what the heck. We needed some kungfu (kungfumulutan) to slow down the absorption of alcohol (chem 101).
Rookie Mistake (200Php)
  Yeah! I figured. Since it was my first time to go here, I got to try this. Usually I would go for jagerbombs but I just went for this one.
After the drop, I jugged the whole drink.
Since it was months since my last drinking session, I went for another awesome drink. I tried the Punch Like Ali (100 Php). It was amusing and really harsh on the throat (close to bacardi 151 heat). The server lights it up. Then, he puts a dash or two or three of cinnamon to make it go boom boom. Closes it up with a glass.  Afterwards, I sipped the entire drink while he covers the glass with a piece of tissue to cover the fumes. Then, I puncture the tissue and inhale the fumes. Yeah.. INHALE!
 It was an awful, awesome and incredible experience.
 Grabe! I had to close my eyes because the sensation was different. It made me sweat all over!
 I am sorry but I got woozy there. Seriously, how cute am I? LOL!

The place was cozy and has a chill vibe in it. Even though the drinks and the food were on the high priced side, I got to admit the service and the entertainment made the visit worthwhile. I believe they have a 6-9pm happy hour that priced some of the drinks to the more affordable level. If you ask me, of course I will be back. They also serve a lot of chow but we were a full already so I didn't bother checking them out.

32nd St. corner Justice Drive,
 Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Located between SnR and Home Depot.
Near Starbucks

Drink List:

Disclaimer: Some pics are c/o K. I wasn't compensated nor asked to write this post.
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