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Thursday, August 15, 2013

With the basketball stuff that has been going around with GILAS WINNING 2nd PLACE in FIBA ASIA, I can't help but remember Gilas 2011. They were on a exhibition match against NBA players. I am so grateful for the NBA lockout that year that made the stars available. 
First off was getting tickets. 
Even if the prices were really affordable, I can honestly say that a lot of people got rich because of that game. Seriously right? Finding tickets proved to be a treasure hunt. ARGH!

This game is a total keeper! It was once in a lifetime event. We were able to watch NBA super stars working together and play against Gilas. You would only be able to watch NBA super stars playing against each other during All star games. You don't see them playing in one team. 
 This show is quite a feat because of all the NBA talent present!

Anyway here are some of the highlights I got from the game.

First off, the players were introduced. Guess who is who!

Fear the beard!
The guy can fish :D
Can you dribble?
Black Mamba!
A little shooting practice!
Okay I just found this funny! I just don't know why he is kissing his hand and closing his eyes at the same time? :D LOL!
I just have to thank the cheer leaders! Seriously! Thank you and I mean that!
While waiting and what not, they were very uhm.. shall we say a good distraction :D

Hmm reminds you of that model from that korean channel LOL
  Of course, I have some more pictures that I won't show because uhm they are NSFW hahaha and might make you drool JOKE!

They get to have a class picture
Chris T doing the interview pre-game
And it starts!

Kd's shooting form is just phenomenal.
Rising up !
Williams vs Williams
Going up..
and down.

During halftime MO Twister got to interview some of them.
Kobe does his trademark stance
Durant for 3
Fishing defense :D
Post up
Kobe goes over to Manny for a little one on one! Respect!
CP3 plays boxing with Manny
I guess those were the highlights of that night.
I tremendously enjoyed and I hope that more events like these would happen here.
Thank you MVP for making this happen. Ikaw na ang mahilig sa basketball :D
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