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Sunday, August 4, 2013

A few days ago, my body needed some pampering as I finished paperwork needed for my new job. I really needed to relax and de-stress. LOL AS IF! Actually, I am just making excuses to visit one of my favorite past time other than eating. That would be having a relaxing me time at The Spa. 
I would usually go for their Trinoma branch but since I wanted a change of pace, I booked a suite in their Eastwood Branch (Richmonde Hotel). Thankfully dealgrocer had some coupons around and I think I got a few hundred pesos off. :D :D :D LUCCCCKY!
Just go down this hallway.
At first, I was a bit disoriented on where the place is. Actually, it was pretty easy! Go to the "new" mall of Eastwood and there is a "secret" entrance to the hotel on the 2nd floor near Italiannis Restaurant.

When I entered, it was as if I was transported to another place. It was all Greeky.
 After filling up some forms, I was led to a private room.
It was named LEROS which is a Greek Island.
 So when I opened the wooden door, I knew I was in for a treat!
 What greeted me was a jacuzzi tub! YEAH!
 Of course, The Spa's signature Ginger Tea
So the pampering began! I first had a bubble bath in their jacuzzi! Those jets really massaged different parts of my body. I was actually able to doze off for a few minutes. I was really tempted to just have the jacuzzi massage me but I had a lot of greater things in stored.
 I chose to have a Coffee Rub done first! Every part of my body was really cleansed! Every nook and cranny! A concoction of ground coffee with some oils were applied all over my body! I smelled like Starbucks! After the scrub, I felt my skin become really smooth and squeeeeky clean!
Seeeeee Smillinggg!!!
 It didn't stop there! I had a terrific massage after! It was great that the proper strokes were applied and I got to say my body became really soft and tender! Not to mention that stretching was applied and my joints just kept on popping!

As if that wasn't enough, I also chose to have my sore feet taken cared off. Since everyday my feet are over used and over burdened with carrying my heavy body LOL, I had their foot spa. Great thing too, all these pampering where done in my own private suite! LOL!
My feet were soaked in some hot water with herbs and what not for around 15 minutes.
Afterwards, ate took care of me and massaged my feet all the way to my knees while I sleep on the bed! EPIC!

The service was topnotch! Everything was well arranged and awesome. From reservation to the services and to the amenities, I believe that it is worth every penny spent.
I would definitely go back!!!

2/F Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, Eastwood City Cyberpark, E.Rodriguez Jr.Ave.QC
Tel Nos: 709-6868 / 709-7878 / 0915-4223836
The Spa
Sun – Thur 12nn to 10:00pm / Fri – Sat 12nn to 11:00pm
Last Call : Sun – Thurs 8:30pm / Fri – Sat 9:30pm

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  2. Hey! Are you from UHG? I think I've seen you around but I am not really sure. Anyway, nice blog!

    1. Hi Almonde uhm yeah Im from UHG po! Hahahaha do I know you? Or am I just really visible ( read : malaki) kaya kitangkita hahahaha !!!! Thanks for liking and reading my blog! Please do say hi kapag makita mo ako ^_^ its quite nice to meet new friends po ^_^