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Saturday, August 3, 2013

My dad's go to place whenever he wants some Filipino Food would have to be Mesa's. One of its branches is found in Tomas Morato right infront of Chili's (click) . Compared to other places in Tomas, this resto has a lot of parking space, to which I am really grateful for!
Let's see what we had.

After going round and round with my NBI Clearance stuff (click), my parents and I met up to eat out. Dad won the coin toss so he chose this resto.
We had to wait a few minutes because the place was packed.
Upon entering, you would be greeted with awesome interiors. Kind of chic if you ask me. 
I started with their mango shake (80Php). Quite refreshing for a hot and humid day!
 Since I couldn't have enough mangoes, we opted to try their mango salad. I was thinking of the usual ensalada or mangoes with tomatoes and onions. Well I was surprised because for 115 (Php), this wasn't worth it. The serving was miniscule and was missing what I would usually have in Filipino Restos. Skip! 
 Since my dad is a health nut! (Quite my opposite!!) He loves going for seafood and veggies.
He ordered the pinakbet na bangus (205 Php). According to dad, the okra would should have been cooked more but the taste of it overall was all right. 
I, on the other hand, just got some sauce and placed it on my rice! LOL!
 I told you he was really into healthy living as he also ordered another bangus dish. The bangus bistek (310Php) was bisteklicious! It reminded me of the old school bistek but with fish in their. LOL!
 One of the things, I like in Mesa would have to be their 2 way laing (170Php). One was dry and another was saucy. I really didn't eat laing before but because of Mesa I started going for it.
 Another of dad's favorite would have to be the baby squid in olive oil (310Php). The squid were perfectly cooked. They aren't rubbery! It was quite light that sometimes I would see myself eating and eating and munching this until I finish the entire dish on my own.
Last but not the least would be the Crispy Boneless Pata (505 Php). A little expensive but it was deliciousoooo. See the missing skin? I forgot to take a picture of it before I grab a few crunchies! It was LOVE. DEADLY OILY LOVE!
 The garlic and pepper shavings helped in making this dish awesome. I love this.

As usual, the service was outstanding. The wait staff always helped in everything that we needed. The price was a little expensive because we paid a lot for just the 3 of us eating. Of course we would go back. So, where do you usually go for your Filipino Fix? LOL!

Tomas Morato
Infront of Chili's

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