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Monday, August 5, 2013

After my Spa experience (click). I was a bit hungry because I hadn't taken any lunch. The whole relaxing stuff was around 4 hours. So, I was kind of craving some light stuff. Since I haven't tried Uncle cheffy yet, I went it and had a looksie.
Going in at around 5pm, I saw that the place was semi deserted. Although there were 2 tables taken, a lot of servers were around. I was happy since all of my needs were taken cared of.  

 The interior reminded you of old school cabins out in the wilderness (LOL) because of the homey feel and the decor on the wall! LOL!

They served a pitcher of iced oolong tea. I would have preferred the usual iced tea compared to this. Although it did taste like oolong, it just wasn't my kind of tea.

I also had their Spaghetti Alejandro (350Php). The chorizo taste didn't over power the red sauce. It felt like any home cooked pasta catered to the Filipino taste buds. 
Since they were known for their brick oven panizza, it wouldn't be right if I won't try it. 
I had mine with 3 flavors. Larry's craving was my favorite (lower right). The smoked salmon worked well with the mushrooms. Although I didn't notice it, they said that there was escargot. Hmmm might have been miniscule.  East meets west (lower left) was something different as it had salted egg, kesong puti, parmaham and salami. Somehow, it tasted all right. Their cheese, cheese, cheese (top part) tasted cheesy. LOL! It reminded me of keso de bola! YUMYUM!
Larry's Craving was my fav :D The salmon wassssss LOVE!
For dessert I asked for their best seller. According to the wait staff, the chocolate parfait (125Php) was it.
Honestly though, I didn't like it. Although the pandan wrap wasn't hard, dry or what not, it didn't taste like pandan. The chocolate filling inside wasn't there. Skip this.
 I guess they could have improved this if they added nuts and if the wrap did taste like pandan.

Uncle Cheffy
2nd Floor, Eastwood Mall
Quezon City

Pwede na ba akong chef? LOL!

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  1. their cheesecake is love... and i dont even like cheesecake... i love the all meat panizza and their try the oysters next time...


    ps i hope you can remove the capcha... its often unreadable esp if using a celphone

  2. Hello Sunshine ! That is so nice to hear! Oysterssss Yum! Hehehehe... I already removed the capcha for comments a couple of days ago. Since, I always moderate all the comments. I will check what else I can do :D :D :D