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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ever wondered why there are a lot of cars parked in front of this diner? I did so I checked it out.
Every time I go home late at night, I would always pass by this place near Diliman Preparatory School. I would see a lot of cars parked in front of it and people enjoying a midnight snack. I think it is one of those after hours places where one could get an honest to goodness cheap hot meal. A few years back, this store was located farther down the road. I just don't know why it moved a few meters away. LOL

So one day, I went on over and tried it out. For those that know me, don't you dare! LOL!
Yes, I do eat at pares places and Yes I have dined at carinderias (Would you believe for 27Php, you could get a meal! EPIC) and YES I try everything just for food :D.

 The place is a straight to the point 24 hours 7 days a week open for hungry customers. Their walls are lined up with different posters showing their offerings with their prices.
 As you can see, it is an open air establishment. No a/c just fans.
 Since I was wanted back at home, I opted to have my food to go.

I got their sisig (99Php). It isn't the crunchy version and has a lot of innards in it. I could say though that it does pass my taste buds' preference. The only part I didn't like is that it is really oily!!! LOL! It also came with rice.
 Their beef mami was not really to my liking. The soup's flavor was all right albeit a bit oily. The beef was soft. The heart breaker here would be the noodles. All the things I liked in noodles weren't there. The noodles was hard and rough and can't be eaten with the slurping action! SKIP this. 
The pares (79PHP) is their money maker. I could say that it does taste good. Given that it only costs less than 100Php is a real treat. The taste was borderline sweet and savory. The meat wasn't the best part but they are tender and easy to chew. I would have wished for the serving to be bigger but I guess for a solo eater it was all right.
For the affordable price, this is a good place to eat at when most of the restos in the area are closed. Their pares is definitely a winner. I wouldn't mind getting another one for a late night snack. Budget around 200Php per person (gutom na gutom) but a hundred would be okay all ready. So, where was the last Pares place you have tried?

D' Original Pares
Along Commonwealth Near Diliman Prep School
Open 24/7
Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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