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Saturday, August 31, 2013

As much as I don't like talking or writing about mishaps and bad events in my eating life, I can't say that I am honest when it comes to blogging these certain experiences if I don't share them.
 I really do not like uttering negative comments about certain restaurants but I just needed a way to vent my anger and inis out!
Yes it happened in this one.

Earlier today after eating in Early Bird Breakfast Club in the Fort Strip, my workmates and I transferred over to Wildflour. I knew it was a hectic morning since the restaurant was almost full. My friends and I had to share a table with other patrons and it was only past 8am. GRABE!

Anyway upon getting a seat, we were approached by a staff and asked for our orders. Since we were still a little full from breakfast, we ordered 2 cronuts (strawberry and chocolate), a pot of tea and bread pudding. We also informed and inquired the server if the cronuts were available for to-go and if we could get some even if we didn't reserve any. 

She gladly said yes and informed us that we need to line up to get them and also they are only accepting a max order of 2 cronuts per table (thus the strawberry and chocolate) for people dinning in. She told us that it might go out at around 9am.  We gladly obliged and waited and asked to be informed once we could line up already. 
It was already almost 9:30am when our order of 2 cronuts arrived. We inquired if we could already line up to avail of the ones for walk-ins. The staff then said that they could only accommodate and give us an additional 1 each. So, we asked what to do and advised her to have the original 2 cronuts boxed up and order a cronut for each of us and to facilitate the bill. She, then did a "walk-out", didn't get the cronuts to be boxed up and never to return to our table to facilitate or ask about the flavors we wanted! Seriously?

After a few more minutes of waiting and thinking that she was already fixing it, the bread pudding came out. 
Brought it home na lang kasi sobrang inis talaga!!!! Same with everything with Podium's! Taste was great as well as texture. Only difference is that they sent this with cream (which was diluted mind you!) compared to podium's chocolate  nutela like syrup.
It was a different server that brought it to us. We politely clarified and asked what about our take-outs. She then informed us of a different procedure and that the cronuts are no longer available. 

Honestly at this point, I was really fuming because we were being passed on to another staff and the staff would go at great speed just to avoid our table.  Worst, it was different from what they informed us earlier! If we were told about it, we would have left and had everything done and no longer waited.

My friends and I looked for their manager to talk to. Ms. Mace was apologetic and was listening to our concerns. She was asking about what happened. She even pointed out the different customers inside having the same problem. I, on the other hand, told her that they weren't misled about how to go about this problem. Sad to say, she wasn't able to provide any solution nor any concrete plan nor suggestions on how to handle the situation. She informed us of their SOPs and told us that a lot of the cronuts "failed" and left them with only a few which they gave to the people dinning in.  No solutions and no rectifying the incident.

Upon the push of my friends, we just paid for the bill and hurriedly left..

Incredible? Not really right? This sort of things happen all the time. But I guess, it was how this experience was handled. Information was not passed on timely. Furthermore, the correct info wasn't cascaded properly to the staff. Plus, the attitude was that, you need us!
 (We don't need you! Yes I am in a hurry! Mamaya ka na?!)

I just hope that you don't experience this kind of situation. Even if this wasn't the first time something like this happened to me, I couldn't help but compare service of different restaurants.

 Yes their food is good. Not great but good.... BUT STILL! I do believe to make a dining experience complete, service is important.

 SERIOUSLY! We waited for almost an hour for something that was promised to us. Worst, we got the raw end of the deal from it. Yes this was after our night shift! Think of the agony and the headache we had to endure.

From your point of view, what should have I done? Should I have been more stern and walked out? Or should I have just kept quiet about it and accept the facts? Having some sort of experience in the service industry, I could honestly say that they need to train more and instill proper procedures in handling these kind of situations.

 Remember how, I got an insta-hater back in my Ang Mo Kio post? Well, it got me thinking and that's why I haven't been blogging at the same rate I have been like before. I was thinking if I could just fade in the wind. It was really a dilemma for me to post something like this but I guess I got to be truthful and no, just to make it clear, I wasn't paid to do this! LOL!!

G/F Net Lima Building
 Opens at 7am

If you are still after their cronuts
make a reservation a day or two before

   As you can see, we were billed out past 9:30am. Why facilitate the bill asap and tell us that we could order take out with only one cronuts each. ANG LABO ah.. KAMI ung galing night shift.. kakabukas niyo lang tapos sablay na kagad.. GRABE!

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  1. i-boycott na ang wildflour!!! ;)) There are so many places to buy cronuts, seriously. Buying them shouldn't be THIS hard. OA sila ha, nakaka-highblood. AT! may 2-per-person limit pa ha. OA to the max. I mean how hard is it to make cronuts eh bakery sila??? @_@

    1. Hay nakooooo same sentiment as in!!!! Seriously po!!!! Ayoko na bumalik sa BGC wildflour!!! As in...!!!! I also got a feeling that they may be the first to sell it here but others are pretty much better. Because of the way they treat their customers, we would definitely go for other places na lang .... hay... ayoko pa naman mag sabi ng masama tungkol sa mga restos... :( :( :( kainis :(