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Sunday, August 25, 2013

I was so excited to see that Family Mart opened a branch near my place of work. 
You see I have a fascination about the Japanese food. Not to mention, I really love easy to eat convenience store food and other stuff. So when you add them both together I love Japanese Convenience Store food! LOL!!! I know its not really healthy but still it is ow so yummy! Great for my cravings! YEY! So in the middle of the night, I dragged 2 of my coworkers K and G into going and getting some meals from Family Mart. This branch opened just last 8/23/13. Hahahaha First customers!!! LOL!

It isn't as big as their first branch in Glorrieta (click) but still it had comfy seats inside and an alfresco part outside.

 Of course I ninja moves taking pictures as it isn't allowed. So please pardon the quality.
Most of their quick meals were gone. Only a few were left. We were told that the premade ones arrive usually around 1am. Yes they do offer fresh cut off fruits (and no I don't like eating fruits LOL!).
 I love the junk food though!!
 They also offer a few quick fix bread meals around.
 and they also cook other fried goodies.

Anyway these are the stuff that I got. 

Since I love noodles, I went on over to get a Cha Soba Noodles (95Php). It tasted just like the one I had in their Makati Branch. Sad to say most of the sauce spilled when I transferred it to another container. Hay buhay sayang! LOL!
I also tried their Chicken Teriyaki (125Php). Sulit!
 The serving is big and the meat is really soft. The rice isn't like the ones that you get in 7-11. Rather, it is soft and smooth. High quality!
 I also got their green tea croissant (60Php). I could say that it is worth it. With the almonds and also the flavor, YUMMY! Also it is a bit flakky and all right :D
 See it has feelings! I mean fillings inside too!
 I also tried their Onigiri (39Php). A bit expensive for its size but I guess it was the quality that made it such.
 When I opened the packet, the smell of the seaweeds were there. It made me salivate. Although I only had a few bites of this, I could say that I would definitely get some more for my future fix. They also offered different flavors like spam.

Yes the prices aren't really that competitive with other convenience stores. BUT! I could say that the quality of their offerings justify the price. YEY!

Science Hub, Turin St, McKinley Hill
Taguig City
Infront of Enderun College.
Behind Venice Piazza

Disclaimer: I wasn't asked nor was compensated for this post :D
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  1. hope they have more branches. the local 711 stores have sorry looking inventory... i survived tight travel budget abroad by buying meals at 711..wide selection of rice meals, noodles, pasta, sandwiches and dumplings. bkk 711 even has juicy and flavorful gyozas..

    yung spag ng local 711 lasang karton

    1. I totally agree! Back when I was at my previous job, grabe walang katapusan na 7-11 kaso some of their meals are just pampalipas gutom! No taste whatsoever. Sayang. I am just thankful that f mart has a better inventory and quality is great compared to other c stores ^_^

  2. Yay! I'm soo happy there's Family Mart near the office. Lotsa other choices compared to 7-11 .

    1. Yes po .... definitely better than 7-11 ^_^ pricier but better

  3. Im looking forward to try tuna mayo :)

    1. Hi kulapitot! It was okay ^_^ I might go for the spam later ^_^ LOL Enjoy po

  4. I hope they'd open soon in alabang!

    1. Hi Cai!!! Uhm I think they have one in the ATC area.. although I am not so sure... But according to their FB, they have one in BF homes PQUE, :D :D

  5. Thanks. I work near the vicinity and was unaware of this place. At least I have another option. I am getting sick of McDonald's and 7-11.

    1. Hi jay-p ..... !!!!! really? cool so do I!!! anyway if you go a little further theres also starbucks and there is an Azkal cafe too..., sort of a drinking place hehehehehe ^_^