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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fine! Within the same week I went back! LOL!
I know I know. I know that it wasn't really ideal to eat something as heavy as this more than once in a week. It's just that I have a perfectly good excuse. This time, I went on over with my parents. See??? LOL!
I think we were a little excited because we were the first customers of the day. Literally at 10am exact, we stepped in.

 We were seated near the entrance facing the cool Mangas (Japanese Comics).
 The usual sauces were present with the addition of the wasabi based.
 The wasabi sauce wasn't really that hot nor is it that spicy. It was actually creamy and only had a hint of wasabi.

 For starters, we had the octopus and the potato salad.
 The octopus dish is beginning to be one of my favorites. The sauce isn't too sweet and just right. The cucumber gives the right crunch that contrasts the texture of the octopus.
Of course my dad's epic favorite is yabu's potato salad.
 When I turned around, the dish was wiped out by dad. Mom wasn't even able to try it out. LOL
 After finishing the starters, we had a few minutes of waiting time that allowed us to do a little grinding. I find it nice to add a pinch of salt to make the dipping sauce a little intense.

Our meals started to arrive. And just in time because one of my dad's unwanted traits would have to be that he is quite impatient. LOL! Especially when it comes to food. (Yes I know!)

He had the Kurobuta. He was in a deep trance. The meat was so tender and flavorful that he finished the whole lot. I was only able to get a slice off of him. Grabe! LOL!
 Mom had the seafood katsudon. She enjoyed it. The fact that the egg was runny and that the sauce was really good made her love it.
 As for me, I had their chicken katsu. I know! I am trying to stay healthy noh! After having their Kurobuta Miso katsu a few days before, I think I needed a change of pace.
 The meat was properly cooked. No uneven stuff. It was crunchy and was juicy! I must say that I find this a good alternative if you are eating too much pork :D.

Afterwards our side orders came in.
The salmon wasn't cooked evenly. As you can see the outer portion compared to the inner portion was done on a an even heat. Maybe the fish wasn't properly thawed out before deep frying it? hmmmm a little disappointing. Good thing, I didn't order this. LOL!
 Dad had an order of squid. The meat was cooked right because it wasn't rubbery. Each bite would definitely be rewarded with joyful moans and mouthgasms.
Nicely done!
 He also had the cream dory. The fish meat was definitely spot on. It wasn't too mushy and the texture was complete.
It is almost Chicken like when it comes to texture. Taste yummy too!
 Of course, I got their scallops.
Even if it is a little pricy, the meat is huge and the taste is just wonderful. My tongue savored each moment the scallops was in my mouth.  Who would be mad enough to pass on this!
 My parents just can't go to a Japanese Restaurant without having any sort of tempura. I know this is closer to being an Ebi Fry, but it being prawns are definitely close enough.
 They were huge and crunchy.
 I was glad that I was able to taste the different sauces that they offer. From the usual tartar sauce for the seafood, to their layu sauce and another sauce
 (Okay, I am not sure about the names...I totally forgot them LOL!).
I really enjoyed mixing them and actually putting them on top of my rice! Yummmmy!

 You know what happens next right?
 Of course, skip the veggies and the fruits on the side. Yes dinaanan ng bagyo....

I was actually filled up with all the side orders and rice I was getting. The service was quick and fast. Even if a little pricey, of course, I would still be going back. Did you know that all the side dishes on the meal like the soup, pickled veggies, cabbages, fruits and rice are all refillable? Cool right? Everything was now refillable.

BTW for Yabu lovers, Yabu would be opening soon at Sm North Edsa at The Block!! YEY! NEARER!!!! 

Sm Aura
5th Floor 
Disclaimer: I wasn't asked nor compensated for this post. I paid for our meal. I used a deal grocer coupon :D :D :D

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