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Friday, August 23, 2013

"Walang Pasok! Walang Pasok! Walang Pasok!"
 I remember how I used to sing/shout this phrase over and over again every time it rains. For a kid or someone that goes every day to school, rain would be a welcome weather change to get a day without classes.

But as I grew up, I realized that extreme weather has consequences. Worst, a lot of our brothers and sisters were really affected and had to endure staying at evacuation centers and not being able to have access to basic needs. It is pretty sad to see these kind of things. Hopefully everyone is doing fine and was not severely affected by the weather this past few days. 
Even if I am already an adult and has a job, I still want to have an extra off day. And yes, I still chant that phrase. LOL! I also saw that there are companies that are profit minded and great companies that take care of their employees. I am thankful that the corporation I work for takes care of us and gave us a looooot of privileges and leeway when it comes to emergencies. 
(READ: free food, free lodging, transportation reimbursement, free food, double pay, and yes free food... Sa food palang sulit na ako :D :D :D)
Anyway, enough of the sentimental realizations and on with more food! Being the tamad guy that I am, I looked and called a lot of delivery service that would be able to cater to my family's tummy's need during the rainy days. Thankfully, Pizza Hut was able to serve our area even if it was raining cats and dogs.
It was raining hard and I was pretty hungry! I mean I know how to cook and yes so does my mom but it was great bed weather. So being the diligent and caring son that I am (LOL), I offered to get some food delivered. I tried calling the usual takeout delivery places but they just couldn't do it. Last one try was all I told myself after a lot of rejections :( . Ayoko lang talaga gumalaw kasi! Soooo Tamad!

Then Boom! Prayer answered. I was able to get through Pizza Hut delivery hot line and I ordered some pizza. 

Since the weather wasn't really fair, we were informed that it might take 45 minutes.
Luckily, it didn't! After 30 minutes, there was a doorbell. Our pizza came in hot. 

 My dad ordered the super supreme with the cheese crust.
 The pizza was pretty filled with toppings. Honestly, I couldn't taste anything. I mean there was no distinct flavor rather than the onion and peppers. HEHEHE
 (might have been me being patay gutom and forgetting to chew)
The only trait I really disliked would have to be that they are a too oily! (Note to self: Use Tissue to hold)
 Gooey goodness! Not too strong and just right. Maybe they could add some more though!
 My brother wanted to have some bacon supreme. We just had a normal one. Again, it was oily! Argh
 I love the cheese on top though :D :D :D 

Anyway, I was a bit surprise that for the two pizza our bill was 1141.50 (Php). Compare it to the likes of Yellow Cab and other pizza places, the pricing is really mahal!!! For that kind of range, I could have gotten mixed flavors from Yellow Cab. Since it was raining hard and the weather is just pure delikado, I give them props still for being able to go above and beyond and deliver food. Other than that, maybe I will go with another pizza place for next time. LOL! Bottom Line: I am soooo tamad! LOL!

Pizza Hut Delivery
(02)911-11-11 Metro Manila

Disclaimer: I wrote this based on my own opinion. I wasn't asked to write nor was I given compensation.
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  1. zOMG! Brain waves baby bear hahaha! :P We also craved for the cheezy pops & cheeseburger pizza from Pizza Hut yesterday. Anak nga talaga kita lels. Btw, you can delete the Sugar & Spice at blogspot na (causeway) sa blogroll mo. I'm only keeping the one in wordpress ( boiling seafood). Thanks babybear sorry for the confusion. Mwah! <3

    1. Hahahahaha !! I know right? I think I saw your IG after I ate some Pizza eh hahahaha!!!! :D :D :D All right po I will delete the blogspot and will go for the wordpress instead :D :D :D No problem mama bear!!! Enjoy po!