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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

After our swim (click), we were a bit hungry. Since most of us (read: them) didn't want to go out just to eat, we tried out the food in the building itself. 
 We were led to Ace Coffee Cafe. 

In case you didn't know, the upper levels of the building is a hotel that caters mostly to visitors of Ace Water Spa. Thinking about our tummies, we went straight to the first resto we saw.
  So after changing, off we go to eat our lunch.

Since we had a long table, I wasn't really able to take great pics nor was I able to take note of what every one ordered.  For this occasion, please forgive me.
(Kasi kasi kasi nag away away muna kami dahil gutom. Di muna bati)

I believe most of my friends got set meals because they had drinks and even salad with them.

Anwyay, these are the things we got.
The chop wasn't dry and was actually tasty.
Ms R said that the beef tenderloin skillet needed a bit more salt. I guess it was a bit bland for her. I, on the other hand, was okay with the flavor. LOL!
I liked the conrdon bleu because it wasn't dry nor was it over cooked.
The burger steak was just as juicy and tasty.
The burritos and quesadilla had the same outer layer so I guess we made a boo boo in ordering both of them because they tasted the same. 

It was more of a lunch place than a coffee lounge. The food was competitively price. Quality wise, it was at par with other restos. There are a lot of choices and I didn't have anything to complain about LOL! The service was quick and customer oriented. If in case we get to go back to ACE WATER SPA, I would definitely suggest taking a snack or a meal here again. Budget around 400 Php per person.

Maybe next time, we could get out of the building and see the different restos around. Also, its a stone throw away from Kapitolyo so I guess we could also go there for lunch.

Here are the pics you guys requested:
(Don't ask...)

Grabe ung traffic..that day.. wala na ako masabi.. as in!

Ace Coffee Lounge
Ground Floor
Ace Water Spa
Pasig City.
Some pages of their menu:

Disclaimer: I wasn't asked nor compensated for writing this post.
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