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Monday, October 28, 2013

Burger burger I need one stat! Don't you ever crave for one when you least expect it?
Thankfully, a new burger place opened up in UP Town Center.
After visiting my brother in the cemetery (miss you bro), my dad was hungry. I suggested we try something different.   Since he hasn't been to UP Town Center, we made our way to it.
I suggested we try out a new burger place that recently opened up.

 When we entered the place, it seemed that we traveled to an old school diner that exudes a chillax ambiance. 

On the right, you could see the open kitchen where they grill all that burger goodness!
And yes, you can see your burgers being prepared.
Thankfully, the exhaust was working great that we didn't really smell smokey after.

Neon lights were also present to give that 70's vibe.
On the left side, you get to see their explanation on the wall.
When we were seated, we were given their menu. It was like a magazine that I wanted to take one home. LOL! It was very educational too! LOL! 

I usually put the menu at the end of every post but I will make an exception this time.
 Their explanation of what they do.
 The usual burgers... Better go to the next page.
 Different kinds of beef!!!
 These are their best sellers! I got to say that they deliver on what they say.
Okay we went shaker box LOL!
 and yes you can make your own.
 Just in case you want something else, you could actually upgrade your sides or pimp your fries.
 They also offer the sweet things in life!
 See the drink list? Pwedeeee :D :D :D
 The back cover teaches us everything we need from a cow.
 Anyway, enough with all that... Let's start the eating LOL!

Okay fine, I mean drinking.  (damn liquor ban!!)
My bro got their Speculoos Shake.
While I had a strawberry flavored one.
The milkshakes were flavorful and rich. Creamy is something great especially when you are about to eat something as juicy and succulent as the burgers they serve here.

For appetizers...

We started off with some artichoke and spinach (285Php).
 The dip was light and a bit dry for me. I miss CPK's version :D :D :D
 But it is good enough.

Then, our burgers arrived.

 I had the Q- daddy (385Php-double patty).
 It is a quarter pounder (and I had a double patty at that!) of ox blend patty of flank, oxtail, and rib eye with yellow cheddar, onion tanglers, CRISPY! bacon, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno ranch and sweety spiced BBQ sauce on sesame bun.
At first look, I thought my burger was small. BUT BOY was I wrong! The meat was all packed in and GRABE was it juicy!!!! OMG! sawap!!

My mom had the  four cheese (345 Php for double patty)
It was a parmesan crusted beef bomb blend, patty of chuck and short rib, yellow cheddar, aged gruyere, mozzarella, arugula, garlic aioli on a sesame bun.
The cheese combination was flavorful and ohhh so yummy!

Dad had the piggy (345PHP)! I guess the name says it all. Having the beef bomb blend, it was all meat and juice.
Judging from my dad's reaction, he didn't share his burger from us. ARGH! LOL! He enjoyed it tremendously.

My bro got the rising shroom (375Php for double patty).
Since my brother loves steak, he got one with the steak cut blend. 
One bite and he exclaimed that it tasted like mushrooms! He loved it.

 For our sides, we got them upgraded.
Sub-atomic bacon and cheese fries. Not too hot and is just right.
 Truffle parmesan. The truffle made it all!
The chili and cheese. 

Everything made me this>
ketcup and mustard smiley face on all the juice the burgers had

Even if the place is only on soft opening, the service was excellent. The wait staff were attentive. 
The pricing is a little bit on the high side but I guess you get what you pay for. Thankfully, we went on the last day they were having a deal. So, we got 2 free burgers from the 4 we ordered. Lucky right?
 I guess you could budget around 400-500/ person.

It would have been nice if I was able to try their cocktails or beer but arrrgh the liquor ban! Ow well.. SAD :( hehehe.

8 Cuts Burger Blends
By Burger Bar

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this post based on my own opinion. I wasn't asked nor compensated in writing this.
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  1. It's like science., must go visit this place along with other UP Town Center restos! :)

    1. Hahahahahaha! you should! There are a lot of restos... new and old.

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    1. Hi Cutella... Yeah it was!! Am planning to go back with a few friends to chill and enjoy their food.. ^_^

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