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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Huwaaaaaaatttttt????   Waaaaaaaa!! Lalake po ako! WAAAAAAA!!!
But it was too late! Malaman laman ko na nail studio pala ang pupuntahan namin! Hahahaha
So, I was like.. where are we off to next... Mama Bear said that just follow me.. LOL!  Seriously?!

Macho.. Machooonurin daw ako..sabi ni Mama Bear!! OMG!

So off to the spa we go... I honestly didn't know where we are!!! Left right straight and then to a covered new building we go.

When I entered the place, it was as if I was transported to somewhere not there. Once you go inside their spa, you would really feel the WOW and Chill factor. YAY!

Mama Bear really went all out and coordinated everything. We had a Tea Party!!! Well sort of!
While waiting for Mama Bear's pick. I went around the comfy place and took some photos. 
Inspirational and comfy pillows all around.

An area for the young kids to relax and chill and believe it or make their mommies go here because they also have spa treatment themselves and play around!!
and look what I spy with my little cute eyes... for the kids to play with!!!
I got to say, the place isn't that big and could only cater to a few customers at a time but definitely luxurious and a chill place to go to when you are in the south.!!! Better call them up for reservations because they really get full quick...

Mama Bear Quick to the draw... bilis mag pose!!!

And the moment of truth came.. OMG!!!!

1st the stuff they use.
I like how they prepacked the stuff they use. Clean and appropriate. NICE!

Oh and yeah they serve you tea and a little sweet dessert for any service you avail.
Think pedicure? Yeah they make you happy with this small service.
Even the small kid likes it.
So cute right?!?! He is the son of the owners.. quite the handsome guy. Ang kulit kulit kausap.. :D :D :D
He is at that age .. very playful..

Oh and yeah..since Mama Bear opted for a sparty for Michy and I... 
The Saint Germain Afternoon Tea Party
This spread was served. Grabe ah.... ang dami :D From Hot tea.. to scones, cupcakes, and macaroons.

Anyway, I had to undergo the treatment... waaaa!! I was treated by 2 staff simultaneously. 
Manicure while having my feet in a warm bath. Then, dead skin were being scrapped off my feet.

YES!!! S HAPPENS.. I was squirmish and my face was di mapinta..!!! OMG!
 Di ko maintindihan ung feeling. Parang nakikiliti na ewan. LOL! Everyone was laughing at me!! WAAAA naman ow!!!

Anyway, yes I did have a manicure
and had my feet covered with something very foreign looking LOL! Think hot jello!!!
This isn't my foot... guess whose is it!! LOL!!! She is so going to kill me!
I got to say, super duper lambot ng feet ko after!!! Everything was really luxurious and wow!!!

Unfortunately, MB and the kids (omg feeling old na ako?) had to leave Michy and I because they had a dinner with the family. Sayang.. may chika chika moment pa sana !!! Hay.. Maybe next time they could go up north and ill treat and bring them to anywhere they want to go to :D :D :D ...

So of course!! Photo op mode on!!!
From left to right: Jana, Jena, Ms. Gigi (owner), Ms. Jane, Michy, and me!!!

No joke around, everything was a real pampering and an awesome treat! The place maybe small but it really makes it more intimate. The staff are kind and really caring towards the needs of the customers. Ms. Gigi is very hands own and even prepared the food that we ate. GRABE!... I would suggest that you go on by and make yourself happy and release all the stress and take a nap. Sobrang comfy! The only thing that prevented me from taking one was that Michy has a habit of taking pictures of sleeping people around.. kaya NO wayyyyy michy!! Di pwedee ayaw.. wag... wag!!!.. next time next time! LOL!

The packages and rates that they offer are affordable and quite competitive. You get a snack with your treatment diba? Saan ka pa! The materials they use are clean and high end! They cater to everyone in the family so guys and kids... take it from me.. its okay.. you might like it too.. and maybe you will be the one asking the GF or the wife or the mother to get a relaxing spa treat here.... So go go go! :D :D :D
I would like to super duper super duper super thank Mama Bear for her invite and also for the hospitality of Ms. Gigi! It was nice meeting you po! And Mama Bear! Go here na sa North and Ill treat you to different places! :D :D :D

There's more! Yeah! One more post in this series! Last but not the least! LOL! ... Wait for it.

Coco Nail Studio
2nd Floor Don Gesu Bldg ,
Don Jesus Blvd., Alabang Hills
(02) 552-3156
(0917) 5685675
as seen in Mama Bear's post

Suggest you call them up for a reservation as the place gets full quick.
Parking is available at the back :D 

Disclaimer: We were invited by Mama Bear to try out their services. The opinion stated here are mine. 
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  1. Hahaha ang baby bear kong MACHO-nurin!!! ;)) I brought you there to de-stress & unwind coz I know how hectic your workload is. Kaso ayaw mo namang matulog hay! :P Ipapa-frame pa naman namin ni Michy ang sleeping beauty pic mo lels. *peaceThe next time you come dimsum all you can naman tayo!! Mwah. :-*

    1. nyahahahahaah!!! kaya po di ako natulog eh.. baka mamaya.. ma daleee LOL!!! hahahahaha!! mahirap na... baka tulo laway pa ! Joke!! sure sure sure.. :D :D :D next time next time po!!!

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    1. wahahahaha ... whistle whistle din pag may time LOL! hahahahaha