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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Taking a break from my food posts.....

Ring Ring Ring...
From Globe telecom

Me: Hello?
Globe Loyalty Team: Hi sir! This is Wendy from Globe. Would you like to avail of an Iphone5s?
Me: Oh got it right this November 15? Tell me more.

Ding Ding Ding! The mistakes of being influenced by advertisement... LOL!
UPDATES at the Bottom
Recently, the 2 big telcos have officially released the Iphone 5s/5c here in Manila. On November 15, 2013, these phones were officially made available to the market. 

Here is an account of what happened to me. 

A loyalty awards personnel from Globe has contacted me to ask if I want a new Iphone 5s. 
She offered to recontract my plan to 24 months and to cut off the remaining month or so of my original plan for free.

Bottom line: I said yes.

Time to iron out the nitty gritty details:

When and where am I going to get my phone?
On November 15 at a branch of your choice.

What model? Iphone 5s 32GB Gold.
Yes sir! We got that on stock and is available

So how much am I paying? 
SAME monthly fee of 1799 Php, just that you have to cash out around 14,800++Php for the phone.

ME: okay. Are you sure it is going to be available on Nov 15? I don't want to waste my time and I am in no hurry to get a new phone

Yes sir!!Here is your reference number and I will be emailing you something...

After ironing out the details and taking note of the reference numbers and what not.


 I had a few more questions on the day of release. So at around 6:30am while driving, I called their customer service to clarify some aspects of the deal. 

Me: Can I be connected to your loyalty or rewards team.
Customer Service: Sorry Sir but they are only available during 8am to 10pm; how can I help you?
Me: Oh okay nevermind then, can you please check if my phone for pick up is ready today?
CS: Yes sir, it is ready and I believe you have the requirements ready and reference number so everything is okay.
Me: I will just fix my concerns with the guys at the store itself later. Thank you!

Too good to be true right?

Logo is from Globe.
At around 11am, I went on over to SM North Edsa Annex Globe Branch.  Lined up like anyone would do at the line for the people with current accounts with globe. Even if their line for new subscribers were nata... meaning WALANG NAKA PILA! 
(Their staff was actually asking people to go inside and checkout the new IPHONE.. kasi nga walang tao sa new subscribers!)

 Waited and waited and waited and waited and when I got on over to the front. 

A haggard lady asked me for my reservation number and what not. I showed her the number and informed me in a very sarcastic way.

Paumanhin po sir... Wala po kayo sa listahan.. ACTUALLY MADAMI NA PONG NGYARING GANYAN KANINA. sorry po. 

and she showed us the way out by saying.. NEXT!

 To think, it was only 11am and this happen. I didn't want to make a scene and dress down the lady right there and then so I went out and called their customer service. 

ME: Hi; can you clarify if I do indeed have a phone to pick up from SM North Edsa Annex
CS: Yes sir you do. According to our system, you have reserved a 32 GB gold Iphone5s and it should be there

Me: Eh anyare? pina alis ako at sabi wala. Can you coordinate with them and call them up
CS: Sorry sir, but all I can do is escalate.

Me: Okay... so you wasted my time, money, and effort in going here. Give me options and a plan to work this out.
 CS: Let me put you on hold ...(after a lifetime).... Sir, you can go to GLOBE Headquarters in the FORT so you can pick up your set.

ME: Are you serious? Do you have any guarantees that if I go there I would be accommodated and be given a phone. Furthermore, it was you guys that wanted me to go today and get the phone. It wasn't me who initiated this. You could have informed me if it wasn't ready and it would be fine, but now you have wasted my time. So here is what we are going to do... give me a plan and options on to what to do within the day. If not I would terminate my line with you guys because of the service you guys do. I will not lift up a finger anymore with dealing with you guys.

At around 6pm: 4 missed calls. (take note of this)

At around 8pm, I called their hotline. Inquiring about the situation.

CS: Sorry sir, but I do not have any information regarding that. Usually escalations are taken cared off within 24 hours.


 At 10 am there was still no call regarding what their plan is nor what they would do.

So I called... placed on hold

I was connected to Ms. Young from Customer Service and after a lengthy discussion and informing her of what transpired, she eventually told me that she can't do anything but transfer me to the recontracting/ loyalty team since they are the once offered me the deal in the first place.

 I was transferred to Lydia of the recontracting team and after another long dressed down and retelling of information. I eventually learned that they can't do anything about it but escalate and ask WENDY, the person that processed everything to redo it and fix the problem since she was the one that initiated it.

ME: Seeing that no plan nor option was given that is acceptable nor amenable. (it was either, wait for another week or two for the phone and pick it up from their branch... ano ako pipila ulit? or have it cancelled....) I asked to be connected to the staff that terminate contracts.

 I was then transferred to a Tess Salvador. I told her I want to terminate my line. After giving proof and everything, she asked why I wanted to do so, I retold my story again and actually found certain things out.

I imagine myself doing this.. but believe it or not.. mahinahon mode ako...   From

There was no escalation from the previous day and it wasn't in the records.
It was noted that at 6pm, I was contacted and gave them information that i am willing to give them more time in dealing with this. 

(as to which I wasn't because it was all missed calls. GROUNDS for Perjury if you ask me)
I needed to pay them around 4180++php in fees for the termination or I can transfer the account to someone else.

(I told them, I am willing to pay that amount as long as they pay me first for wasting my time and effort and they get it from my house because I would not waste my time in transacting with them.)

This was already around 12:12pm because I asked Ms. Tess for the time and if the call was being recorded. I told her that in case this would be brought to court, this would serve as evidence.
I asked to be transferred to a supervisor, a Ms. Barbie Sanchez, because of UNETHICAL business operations.

 I talked to her, and informed her again, of what happened. I asked of her plans and asked her of options.

She informed me that:

Yes it was 6pm the day before that notations were places in my account. (take note, I didn't talk to anyone at 6pm)

From the loyalty side, they did indeed reserve a unit for me to be picked up.
She is currently looking as to what happened and that is waiting for the replies of the different departments.

She suggested that I do not terminate my account first, so that communication and updates on the escalations would be properly and timely addressed.

I, on the other hand no longer feeling well and nursing a sore throat with coughs and colds, informed her that she is telling me to wait some more and it is unacceptable. If you are going for service and you aren't giving it, say bye bye to your business. 

I asked her to just update me and I will be going back to bed.
As of right now, I do not know what is happening and I am waiting for an update. I would update this post, once I get more information and also what I would do about them.

If they ask me to go to a branch and pick up a kit, I would tell them to just cancel it because I have already done that and was refused one.I would not line up again and be given the attitude.

 I would give them the option of bringing the said kit to my house on the same day and having the transaction done here. I do not wish and no longer want to waste my time, effort and money in transacting with them. They better offer a pretty damn good deal for me to accept it.
Hell Yeah! from

Yes, this may be considered as a rant post but let me ask you this: "What if this happens to you? What would you do?" I am open to any suggestion or what not. Honestly, I am really disappointed. I have been a subscriber of globe since the early 2000 from my prepaid numbers all the way to having this line and this happens to me. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and giving them leeway on this matter. As long as it is amenable to me fine but if they are going to make me work it out again... well sorry. I am not a patient person. 

UPDATE: 11-17-13

Ms. Barbie called me up at around 5pm today and said the following updates:

> They would remove a month from my bill as a way of compensating me.
> The early termination fee would reflect on the bill and would be waived because it was what was discussed beforehand. Although, I need to note that it wasn't offered upfront. I had to clarify this (if I do continue with recontracting) because I was being informed that I need to pay a termination fee. As such I asked and asserted that it wasn't part of the deal.  

>She further said that the unit, if ever available, would be delivered either overnight or up to 3 business days.
>On their part, they would verify if I do have one in SM North's stocks and their department would also look for a unit already. 
>I was asked if they didn't have my choice present if I was willing to pick a back up one. 
I informed her that to be honest, I am being persuaded by friends and family that I should just get a unit such  from them. Actually, the price of the unit is as low as 25-28thousand if you know some people (open line 32 GB Iphone 5s) versus their 39,+++ for a prepaid unit. Eventually I told her, if it isn't available, I will have to base my decision on the facts and I would put myself first. 
>When you recontract, you will need to move on to the new plan being deployed by Globe. 

I am being asked to wait until tomorrow for another update because their different groups did not reply and can't update anything in terms of inventory and logistics because it was the weekend (understandable.)
So, it has been I day +2 and I still am freaking mad because I had to go through all that trouble just to get someone to move their ______ and fix this problem of theirs. Kailangan ako pa ang mag initiate?!

11/23/13 Saturday Update
I was informed by Ms. Barbie (last 11-18-13) that their main office has informed and ordered their employees, including those from the loyalty department, concerning the roll out of the IPHONE 5c/5s with problems (not being able to avail even if promised with a date, or difficulty in procuring a unit), to no longer give call backs to customers regarding such. According to her, someone from the loyalty team would contact me within the week. so far, up until now, no contacts whatsoever. 
Furthermore, I was informed that since my account has 0 balance (meaning wala akong utang duh?!), Ms. Barbie can't credit me with a month's subscription. She would just do so once my bill gets generated. She promised me with an update the following day... up until now no calls made.
In all fairness to Ms. Barbie, she was able to somewhat address my concerns and what not although deflecting some of the questions and inquiries I had made. It was a nice thing of her to refund a month's bill. 

BUT BOTTOM LINE: ANYARE? kailangan pa ba ako magalit at mag follow up paulit ulit?

12-1-13 Sunday Update

I called up days ago to inquire what happened with the update I was inquiring about. The CS told me that he will make an escalation to let his supervisor call me up.

It has been over a week already and I called back to inquire what happened. Currently, I am on the phone with a CS named sarah and was informed that I got an IPHONE 5S and recontracted last November 15, 2013. I was shocked! I inquired how did that happen since I didn't even have a new phone on me. I told them to make another escalation. I also inquired how to downgrade my plan as I would be letting the number on since it was important for me. The lowest plan they have would be the plan 299 with 500 Pesos Value Load with no lock up period. SO right now I am waiting for the line to come back again since I am on hold forever... 25 minutes and counting. 
There you go I got
Ref:40461842 and would be expecting a call from their support team within 24 hours. Also got a notice that my contract ends on 12-18-13.

WOW screw me some more why don't you....

From making a sale worth Php 15,000 and a monthly revenue of at least 1799++Php, it now seems that Globe likes to loose money and potential market. Great job! (sarcastic)

Globe Telecom

All of the pictures here are taken off google search and other websites and what not. They are not mine.
Disclaimer: I wasn't paid nor asked to write up this post.
The opinions stated here are mine and are based on what happened.
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  1. Globe service really sucks big time. Pardon the french hehe. Every time I go there I am made to wait a MINIMUM of 2 hours at least. Never pa ako naka-kausap ng globe service representative ng ora-orada. And the least they can do is provide wifi to their waiting customers & refreshments at least. Ang hirap kaya lumabas to buy drinks only to find out your number was called & you have been bypassed. Anyway, they can afford to do that, mayabang sila coz they know we need them. I mean I speak for muself when I say I can't leave the house without my cellular phone, maloloka ako not knowing were my loved ones are. So yeah, they are capitalizing on that. Ang hirap din naman to transfer to smart or sun kasi I will also have to uproot my husband & the kids from globe.. and imagine the paperwork I have to go through to cancel & also to apply again! •sigh Sana these telecom companies will upgrade their customer service nakakainis na talagaaa!! @_@ O ayan tuloy babybear nag-rant narin ako dito. Ang haba pa haha parang 1 post na zomg! :P I-kain nalang natin yan lels.

    1. nakakainis sobra..... i mean.. you pay on time... and all you ask of them is decent service... seriously!!!!! Pwede naman sabihin... sorry or we can only do this so we cant promise you...this.... ang masama they say one thing .. let you do it... and after wasting your time and effort .... ayun.. biglang wala... sobrang nakakainis lang.... if you guys know that there is a bill that lets you keep your number even if you change cell service provider.... syempre ang mga telcos are lobbying against it.. kasi our number is one of the reasons we stay even if they provide shitty service.... pero seriously....I havent heard any feedback jfor the past 24 hours so meaning... They force away their customer.... pwede pa sana kung di ako nag babayad.... pero sila binabayaran mo pero para kang ginagawang kawawa at niloloko...

  2. Same experience when I was getting my S4 a few months ago. Nakakastress sila kausap, swear! :(

    1. Hi michy!@!!!!! ano ngyari sa iyo sa Globe? ....

      Grabe na grabe na grabe as in!! Totally grabe!! anyway I got called up and was informed of their action plan.. I am waiting and seeing if they offer me something good or if not, I would really try the other network.. anyway thats that... I just updated this post ^^