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Sunday, December 1, 2013

 The funny Japanese Comics on the wall and the different panels depicting the different things one would love about their restaurant.... 

 and the simple wall fixtures..
 Pure genius.....
I found myself in Sm North getting my renewed PRC license (click) and looking for a hearty meal.

 Went on over to the block and found this.
Yeah, they will be having new stuff in their menu...

 Assisted by the staff... to a booth...

 Got my favorite appetizers.
 The potato salad....
The quantity seemed a bit smaller but tastes and quality is definitely there. 

and their octopus...
Sweet and lovely. The cucumber gives it a crunch. 

A side order of oysters... definitely slurpppy!

And a set of miso katsu
The meat was soft and easy to bite on... The outer layer was crunchy and light...

 It came with unlimited rice (white or brown), fruits, miso and pickled veggies...
 and the shredded cabbage.. with the sauces..mix and match
 The service was top notch. Myra (the wait staff) took care of my every needs. She has the initiative to serve and give whatever the needs of the diner has. 

2nd Floor Sm North the Block 
Quezon City

Disclaimer: I paid for the food and the opinions stated here are mine.

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  1. My favorite appetizers too: Iidako Salad and Superior Potato and Egg Salad! :)