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Thursday, November 7, 2013

After doing some errands, I had a quick meal in Torch.
I had been wanting to go to their 1st branch in Greenhills but just couldn't push myself to go there without a date. Thankfully today, I have one. My mom!

I heard a lot of good things about this restaurant and I guess it would be lovely for me to try it out too.

Once we got there, the staff entertained us and gave everything we want. I can't help but notice the lively  theme and the color that were used for this restaurant. I love the light bulb idea. Simple.
Since we went there for a quick snack, we only ordered a few items.

For drinks, I had this.
This is their take on beer tail mango daiquiri. I was impressed! The Manila Beer they used complimented the mango flavor. It wasn't too hard and the kick was slow and not upfront. Plus, you get to limit the quantity of beer going in the drink. So during a drinking session, this baby could be great for your girlfriend who doesn't drink. Heck, I drink and I adore it and they should too!
(Yes its a bit expensive but the mug is huge and it would last you all night long!!!!)

For snacks, we ordered their pizza
Since we couldn't decide, we had it half and half. We had their Philly Cheese Steak and margherita.
 I liked the margherita more. The flavor was straight and upfront. The cheese steak, on the other hand, was a little underwhelming. I would have expected to have a cheesssssy version but I could only taste a hint of cheese. The dough was simple and flat. Actually, the thickness of the pizza is more or less than a centimeter (I hope I got my measurements right..LOL Math).
and cream cheese salmon roll.  
 The salmon roll was huge and had a fried outer layer.
 The bonito flakes did an excellent job complementing the salmon. The fried outer layer wasn't too oily and didn't smell or taste of old oil. Bravo Torch!
  I would have wanted some more cream cheese but it didn't matter since the sauce made up for it.
The left is mayo based. I think its Japanese mayo. The other one is a sweet teriyaki like sauce.
The food choices were abundant. From pizza to pasta to makis to burgers and even an all day breakfast menu, it was complete. They even have a decent bar list. The service was excellent and straight forward. All our requests were granted and everything was fine. Budget around 400-500 per person. Will definitely be back with friends for a nice drink.

Since there was a halloween party in the office... 

 I couldn't help it but I got to post these pics up LOL!:
 You know that seeing Iron Man during a Halloween party is just awesome!
Plus, when Scream does a selfie you got to have a copy of it. LOL!
UP Town Center
Katipunan, Quezon City
Disclaimer: We paid for our snack. We were not asked nor compensated for this post.

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  1. I can eat the whole dish of salmon roll alone. hahaha. :)