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Sunday, November 10, 2013

A week or so ago, I was invited to Manila Hotel's Cowrie Grill launch.
I asked myself the question everyone in my age group would.... "ano yung cowrie?"

Before saying yes, I had to check it out. To a dictionary (or wikipedia for us younger folks) cowrie is describe as sea snails or to put it plainly cool looking sea shells. According to old timers, cowrie grill was one, if not the only, go to place for a fancy table side and steak service during the old days. 

Sadly, a few years ago they had to close down cowrie grill in Manila Hotel for Cafe Ilang Ilang's renovation...

Good News for us "young kids" because we could now experience it just like our older family members. LOL

Once you enter the place, everything shouts luxury at its finest.
   Comfy chairs, bag stools, private booths, and a nice cozy bar area. Awesome for the customers that wants privacy and intimacy.
Awesome set up they got here.
Location wise, the place is very strategic. Located in a mall but could be easily accessed from the outside world. It has parking available right in front of it.

When I got there, I was surprised to see a lot of people around.
It was quite amazing to be able to see media people and other established bloggers. The dining area was pretty much jam packed! I was lucky enough to arrive early and get seated. The first guy that actually greeted me was Sir Gerry of dude for food (cool friendly guy! Just kept on calling me RJ). Ma'am Yedy of Yedylicious (mano po!) came in next; Sir Richard from Tales from the Tummy (lives in the middle of foodie land! lucky!) joined us in the table along with Eugene of Hefty Foodie (silent photog guy :) ), and last but not the least Jill of the Food Scout (she got caught up in traffic.. her office was literally miles away and with the rain and all!LOL! Peace!),. They are a fun bunch to eat and chat with. Even if most of them are older than me (evil! LOL), I can sense their kind hearts and them being kids in their own little way!!! Definitely cool guys that share a passion towards great food!!Their insights on food are definitely welcomed!!
 No wonder a lot of people follow their blogs and I for one enjoy reading them!

Anyway on to the food :)
Since I was a bit early, I was served some bread and some butter.
The butter wasn't just any butter...
 Loved the herb butter more than the sun dried tomato.. :D

 After everyone got settled in, we were served some soup.
 The fresh mushroom cappuccino (250Php) was flavorful and a nice way to whet your appetite. The feel of it was that it wasn't too creamy that you might get full right there and then and watery that you would gulp everything in one sip. Unlike other restaurants that dab truffle oil on top, I believe the truffle taste was properly infused and mixed in that only a hint of it is present. 

 Afterwards, salad was served.
 Not like any other way, but rather it is done table side. Everything was prepared right in front of your eyes.
What can you expect if everything is fresh and done right in front of you? The Maitre'd Caesar Salad (290Php) tastes like what any Caesar Salad should be. The crouton was crunchy and the greens were fresh. Classic fav!

On to the main course!
 The prime rib was presented right in front of us. The staff gladly cut some mean slice all for us. One by one, we could definitely feel the intensity in the air as we wait for something like this!!
 Roast US Angus Prime Rib Beef Prime Rib (PHP 1,400-English Cut 10oz; PHP 1,800 NY Cut 14oz )
 Served with potato gratin, something as luxurious as this is definitely always on my mind.
Plain and simple...not overly seasoned..It was soft and juicy! Mouthgasm ensued after.
 Even if it didn't need any, it came with 3 kinds of sauce.
For dessert, we got some old school favorite. The Baked Alaska (Php 420) was semi-prepared table side. 
 The staff prepared some alcohol poured into a ladle and burned just a little bit. Afterwards, they poured it on the dessert and resulted into this.
Even if it was a little too sweet for me, it has different layers of lovely and yummy and tummy bound goodness!
yeah that's ice cream inside.

I would like to thank and congratulate Manila Hotel in returning an old school restaurant. This would give a chance for the new generation of foodies in trying out and experiencing proper table side prepared food. Kudos to Chef Michael Chan and his team for making our visit awesome.

Maybe one thing that they could improve on would be the table arrangement. It was a little tough going around when the aisles are a little thinned out especially during preparation of table side offerings.  

Cowrie Grill
Located along Missouri St., Greenhills, San Juan City
(632) 527 0011l
Where exactly? Promenade Mall Extension.
Near Citibank and Gloria Maris and Wafu 
Disclaimer: I was invited to this event. The meal was courtesy of Manila Hotel's Cowrie Grill.
 The opinion I stated here are of my own. I wasn't compensated for writing this post.

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  1. Lucky for you to have met those best food bloggers in Manila. I am a fan especially of yedylicious and tales from the tummy. I've seen them in person during the ultimate taste test and other food fairs unfortunately we werent formally introduced. I cannot understand what you mean by "mano po" I don't think yedy is that old. Also, where is that foodie land where richard lives?

    1. Hello there PFB :D :D :D .. Yeah I was really lucky to meet some of the popular food bloggers around. I was able to take note of their impressions and what not on the local food scene... :D :D :D ... :D :D anyway .... I suggest you approach them as they are very kind and friendly. .. Uhm .. the mano po was actually a joke... :D :D :D ... and well richard lives in the center of everything so, he is strategically near all the nice restos around :D :D :D