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Monday, December 16, 2013

Restaurants left and right and I still can't decide where to eat at. Argh!
When I met up with 2 girls.. and I being the only guy.. the trouble of going around and knowing a thing or two about the food places in town would be that you will be the de facto person to ask where to eat. Argh.. in any case...I just chose the nearest (accessible) mall. And pop we got in to green pastures.
indoor garden...eeehhh
A few minutes of wait, and we got in...
So, one brunch time, I found myself picking up 2 girls. Yeah I roll like that. LOL! Kidding aside, I met up with good girl friends F and J. We really couldn't decide where to eat but since we were in the area, off we go to Shangrila and into green pastures.
caged lights..
I was pleasantly surprised with my past visit (click)..
It was a little different this time around..

but first... a little picture moment.
J the soon to be mommy, F the pretty surfer gal, and me.. the big guy
For drinks.. we had a couple of iced tea..

and yes we had the pinoy egg.

Thankfully, it was wetter this time around... and the longanisa breadings were good. The green underneath was fresh and lovely..

The duck you fries are still the bomb!
F, who doesn't eat duck, was surprised and destroy this dish!!! She loved it.

F wanted some soup and she had the chowder...
Sadly, the dish came out cold and its watery... we didn't like it. We returned it to the kitchen..

Another disappointment was the 70/30 or was it the 80/20.. burger... (oh how I hate math!) ..
J wanted to have a "light snack"
on a previous visit, it was the bomb... The texture was great. It wasn't overcooked.. but you know what happened? It was salty.. and when I mean salty.. its like you emptied an entire glass full of salt in it. 
Yes that salty!!! Yeah.. left it...

F was originally looking for truffled white sauce pasta. Since, there wasn't any in the menu.. she went with the next best thing... pasta with a lotttt of shrooms.
It was spicy and has that wake up kick... 
We liked that when we asked for some parmesan cheese, the server came on over and grated a fresh one on it...nice..

Of course... couldn't let the two gals eat here without having a taste of uni pasta...
uni with some crab meat.... loved it.

The service was great. Although there were boo boos in the food, I guess I can still go back and try other dishes instead. The serving size was a lot and the price was just okay. Budget around 500/person.

Uhm.. I thought it was "open wide" ... and not teeth together... F, J and me.

Green Pastures
East Wing Mall
Shangri-la Plaza
Mandaluyong City

Disclaimer: We paid for our meals. The opinions stated here are mine.

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