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Friday, December 13, 2013

 Since, my friends and I met up in Powerplant for a little late lunch reunion at Hatch 22 (click). We walked around the place and looked for some interesting stuff to get a bite off afterwards. Even if we were full, we still wanted to taste a bit of everything around and some dessert.
Thankfully it was the weekend and there was a fair at the basement and bronuts was there.

Honestly, I do not like going to Makati! Nuh uh!! Driving around and looking for parking! Traffic!! Argh!!

So lucky me when I found myself there on a Friday no traffic and easy parking. Chilling and hunging around with good old friends.
when some buzz is going on instagram and I find it worthy, I try to check it out and be a little adventurous.

Since I was already there, I took it upon myself and went for the Bronuts I was hearing about. 
  Cronuts shooomats! It has been the craze for the past few months! I have tried Wildflour's (click) and even Vikings' (yes they have it too..) and other places as well..

So what does Bronut offer compared to other of this places!?

One word: Creativity!  (and fillings and flavors.. fine a lot of words!)

When I saw this pile upon pile of cronuts, I knew that they have a lot things to offer.
Price wise, they definitely sell affordable cronuts and the quality isn't sacrificed!
Here are some of the stuff that took my fancy!
No longer just for the sweet tooth, but they also serve some savory fillings for variety. 

but off course we still need those sweet stuff!
Like this one.
 and this
 The belgian chocolate was definitely a winner! Yummy!!!
 But my favorite would be the cream cheese and bacon!!
This reminds me of LES Bagels (click) and their cream cheeses! I so love the cream and the bacon! LOVE IT!

They actually offer a lot if you must know. 
 and has a sure fire way on how to enjoy the bronuts!
 I suggest you follow it! I did! and I loved it!

Just be careful. They usually get sold out fast. So when going, past by their stall 1st before doing anything else. For a pack of 6, you pay 100Php for each one. Totally worth it!!

Baker's Dozen
Power Plant Mall
Makati city

Disclaimer: I paid for my box of cronuts and wrote this post based on my own opinion.
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