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Friday, December 6, 2013

 A happy tummy is a sure fire way into a man's heart... especially mine.

This restaurant seems to know where to start..
After my oh so relaxing massage in The Spa (click). I settled down in Kettle.
A carafe of lemon spiked water.. Something restaurants should always serve not just plain water!!

Starters smarters.. I went straight to pasta.
Truffle Gorgonzola (289Php)
 The cheese and the truffle taste blended well.. If you're up for something like mac and cheese but wants a different pasta look. This fits the bill. 
 Creamy, cheesy and truflled!

 For my mains, I had two... For man can't have one alone.

The Shrimp Po' Boy (419Php)
 Soft Ciabatta Roll. Cajun Breaded Shrimps. Remoulade.
 This lovely mess is a sure fire way into my heart...The pickles weren't overly powering. The shrimps were like breaded pork in taste but you will be glad to know that they are definitely fresh shrimps. Aren't dry and smooth not overcooked. The bread was fresh and really soft. Could make anyone a shrimp eater. 

Another main I got was the Buttermilk Fried Chicken (519Php)
 Honey glazed cornbread. Country gravy. Cajun Honey

 At 519Php for an order, I was a bit disappointed when I saw that they served only 2 pieces of chicken.
 One bite made me change my mind. The skin was crunchy and definitely flavored. The chicken meat was moist and wasn't dry. One bite = pure bliss. A bit sweet and spicy..Even had some leftover for breakfast the next day... Happy to report.. still yummy!
 The corn bread, though was borderline moist outside but a bit dry inside. Could improve on this some more.

Would have wanted to drink a beer or two but since I was driving I had to stop myself from ordering a Corona or maybe a Stella. Liked that they served a lot of foreign beers and a wine list too booth.

The service was exceptional. My needs were taken cared off. My only gripe would be the flying insects. Good thing they offered some candles to shoo them away from my food. Budget around 600-800Php per person.

5th Floor 
Shangrila Mall East Wing
(02) 654 7077
Disclaimer: I paid for my food and the opinions stated here are mine.


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  1. Ang konti naman ng mga inorder mo baby bear. Hindi ka naman na-empacho niyan? ;))

    1. nyahahaha!! Mama bear!! Di pa naman po!!!!! I should have tried more.. but but alas.. I was alone... so syempre.. konti lang na order ko... bwhahahahah!!! But definitely a must when one visit Shang :D :D :D

  2. Replies
    1. ehhhhhhhh you had to do some bbq eh.. :( :( :( ... remember... tummy 1st before parties !! LOL! joke!! hehehe :D :D :D next time!! lets go back when you are free na michy!